Xiaomi Hey + Smart Bracelet can be ordered with great promotions

In the second half of last year, Xiaomi Hey+, the successor to the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 3, appeared. You can now buy a smart device with an excellent value for money at a coupon price of 39.99 USD.

The GeekBuying Webshop is in good touch with the Xiaomi manufacturer, so you can pick up some great deals once and for all. For example, besides Xiaomi Hey +, the NFC version of Mi Band 3 can be purchased at a lower price.

Xiaomi Hey+ smart bracelet

Many have been waiting for the continuation of the popular Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, but Xiaomi made a twist on the story. Instead of Mi Band 4, he released his new bracelet with a new name called Hey+.

Hey Plus features a 0.95-inch, 240 x 240-pixel, high-quality, 24-bit AMOLED display that is larger, more beautiful, more colorful and more contrasting than its predecessor. The device has 5ATM-rated water resistance, which means you can use it for bathing, swimming or any kind of water sports, up to a water depth of 50 meters.

Hey + monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day and still has a working life of nearly 18 days. As a result, you do not need to place your device with a 120mAh battery on your charger every day or weekly.

The device supports NFC and energy efficient Bluetooth 4.2. In addition to heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and activity tracking are also available.
Record sleep quality changes, monitor deep sleep, light sleep, wake time and sleep time, provide you with effective data to adjust your sleep.
In addition, it monitors the distance, the number of steps we take and calculates the calories burned.

It's easy to connect with your phone so you can spot incoming calls and messages even when you don't have a phone in your hands. You can also read SMS and other text messages on the 300-character display.

Hey+ is your portable remote control. The bracelet has been joined to the Mijia App, which can be connected to any Xiaomi Bluetooth getaway, allowing the bracelet to access the internet, and then to view other Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee devices in the parallel home.

Xiaomi Hey + is currently priced at $ 49.99, but this price can be cut down with a coupon code.

Specifying the 3X2MMUM4 coupon code on the order page, the product price drops to $ 39.99.

You can get to the webshop at the following link:

GeekBuying promotion - 39.99 USD
Coupon: 3X2MMUM4
In addition to Xiaomi Hey Plus, the NFC version of Mi Band 3's success product of last year is also available on the webshop. Mi Band 3 has got a slightly smaller 0.78 inch monochrome OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 80 pixels.

Its operating time is almost the same as the Plus version, and with a 120mAh battery, according to official data, it has 20 days to recharge. There is no difference in water resistance or functionality compared to the newer version. However, it is important to note that the NFC services in the Mi Band 3 are not currently available in Europe.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is now available for just $ 34.99. For a NFC-free version, you also have to pay $ 32.99 for a Chinese warehouse and a European stock.

You do not need a coupon code for these offers, so you only need to visit the store page:

GeekBuying promotion - 34.99 USD

GeekBuying EU Warehouse - 32.99 USD

Unfortunately, promotions do not last long, so anyone who wants to buy is not worth postponing.
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