Xgimi Halo DLP projector: Powerful Portable Home Theather Projector

After the Xgimi Mogo and the Mogo Pro, the Chinese brand presents us a new model for the end of 2019. We can begin to wonder the interest of launching so many new versions of video projector because of the differences between Mogo, Mogo Pro and this XGIMI Halo are not revolutionary . This portable video projector is, however, a compelling model, with undeniable qualities.

Xgimi Halo DLP Projector

Plus, you can now order the excellent portable projector at a very good price from the Banggood store, even from an EU warehouse. The Xgimi Halo DLP is now available with a coupon code for $739.

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Price: 739 USD

While we were waiting for the succession of the excellent Xgimi H2 model with an H3 it seems that Xgimi has decided to surprise us by launching the XGIMI Halo instead of the H3. This model is quite different from the H2 in its appearance and its technical characteristics are more similar to the recent Xgimi Mogo and Mogo Pro with however some improvements that we will discover.

What's new on the image side? Efficiency, sharpness and performance! The XGIMI Halo offers native Full HD (1080p) resolution with 4K source compatibility with HDR support. All this happens thanks to the DLP technology through a 0.33" chip, a model superior to the Mogo Pro. The other big difference of this model refers to the luminosity, since it increased to 800 ANSI Lumens. Which will guarantee you an even more pleasant image.

Despite its small size, Halo also offers the ability to enjoy 3D content through the use of special glasses.

Options and small details are also the strength of the Xgimi projectors. Once again, we are not disappointed at this level. The possibility of taking advantage of the complete catalog of applications from the Google Play store (thanks to the Android TV operating system with which it is equipped) brings ease of use. We also noticed that Xgimi wants to make life easier for its users. Thanks to its autofocus, its compatibility with Google Assistant and a powerful keystone correction, everything is done so that you do not have to worry about anything in terms of installation or use. Ergonomics and ease of use are strengths that the general public will appreciate.

The appearance and design appear to be a fusion of the Xgimi H2 and the Mogo. In fact, the shape is reminiscent of the Mogo, while the color was taken from H2. In terms of size, it is between the 2 models. Although it is possible to take it and take it everywhere with this XGIMI Halo weighs more than 700 grams than the Mogo. In return, its battery has been doped since we hit a capacity of 17 100 mAh.

Finally, another advantage of this small video projector is the sound. It has also been improved in terms of power. Still delivered by a Harman-Kardon system, this time there are 2 5W speakers that allow you to enjoy clear, surround sound.

In terms of connectivity, you will find on the back of the device: 1xHDMI port, 1xUSB 2, 1xaudio output 3.5mm

Wireless connectivity is very complete with dual band 2.4 or 5 GHz compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n. Bluetooth is compatible with 4.2 and 5.

A very versatile and quite complete model that completes the range of nomadic video projectors of the Chinese brand. As usual, Xgimi does not disappoint and although this Halo surprised us when it was released, it is an interesting compromise for those looking for a very good living room projector that is also possible to transport. For an exclusively sedentary use the H2 is still the best for us, for the complete nomad it is the Mogo Pro, for versatility it opts for the XGIMI Halo.

You can order the XGIMI Halo DLP projector at a very good price from the Banggood store, even from an EU warehouse. The XGIMI Halo DLP is now available with a coupon code for $739.

To purchase, you need to enter the following coupon code: BGALXGMHL

Buy XGimi Halo DLP
Price: 739 USD
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