Whizzer TP1 - Review - Premium quality wireless earphones at an affordable price

Our latest review product is the Whizzer TP1 wireless headset, which offers premium quality at an affordable price. Whizer's new TWS earphones in this price range provide the user with unusually good sound and assembly quality.

Whizzer has been present in the music market for some time, but it is certainly not known to many at home. However, last year they also won an award at the famous Visual Grand Event in Japan (VGP - The Visual Grand Prix) with their HE03 product.

However, the manufacturer is present in foreign web stores with more and more products. We received our current test copy from the GearBest store, where the improved Whizzer TP1S is now available. The basic TP1 version is available for about $65, while the more serious TP1s are available for $110.

You can access the offers on GearBest:

Whizzer TP1s
TWS wireless earphones

Whizzer TP1
TWS wireless earphones

The product came in a clean white box with a photo of the product at the front and a very detailed list of specifications on the back. The most important of these are:
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Operating time: between 3 and 5 hours
  • Standby time: 100 hours
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Charging connection: USB Type-C
  • Water resistance: IPX5 protection
When the box is opened, outside the earphones, you will find a docking unit that also functions as an external battery.
We also find different silicone replacement rings for different ear sizes, so everyone can customize the units to their own needs. The English description is a great help for making the first settings and getting to know the touch buttons on the tabs. The dock also comes with a USB Type-C charging cable that can be connected to any USB output charger.

The earphones fit well into the docking station, are easy to put on and off, they don't get stuck, but they don't sway. As soon as the units are placed in the storage, charging starts automatically (450mAh). The case itself is not very large and, thanks to its shape, fits perfectly in the hand. There can be no complaint about the use of materials either, and the gilded Whizzer label throws a lot on the look. The USB Type-C type charger connector is located on the bottom of the box, and shortly above it is the tiny charge indicator. The charge indicator flashes red when charging, if it is fully charged, it stays on.

The earphones got the same gray cover as we could already see on the outer case. Its grip is pleasant and its shape is just ideal. No traces during use, no falls out, the manufacturers hit the shape well.

To review the functions of the units, be sure to read the instruction manual first, as no two products are the same. In the case of the Whizzer marking, we can see the touch sensors, a little below the opening for the microphone.

The lower part of the device is gold-plated, and when placed in the holder, charging takes place through this point. They turn off automatically as soon as they are placed in the dock. Power-up works similarly as soon as you remove the earbuds, they are immediately in standby mode and ready for use.

When taken out of the box, after 2 seconds, the unit on the right flashes red and white, while the one on the left flashes more slowly and only white. Pairing is extremely simple and fast: use your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to find and connect to a device named TP1.

The following functions are available using the touch buttons on the Whizzer TP1:

  • Switching off: long press
  • Start / stop music: one touch
  • Next track: double tap (right)
  • Previous number: double tap (left)
  • Answer calls: one touch
  • Reject calls: Press and hold for 2 seconds
  • Start Voice Assistant (Siri): Press and hold for 2 seconds

It can be seen from the above list that the volume control cannot be solved from the headset, so this can only be set directly from the phone.

The earphones perform well during games and videos, there is no delay, the sounds are clear, the stereo effect is good. I tried it with several styles of music and it can be said that the Whizzer TP1 was a pleasant surprise for me, although some music had to be set on the EQ to get even better sound. The volume is good, it doesn't distort when rolled up, but it doesn't make sense to set it to the maximum value, because it's already annoying to the ear. And the built-in noise filter does its job very well.

Overall, the Whizzer TP1 is a very successful wireless headset, currently available for $65, but in some promotions you can get it even cheaper:

You can access the offers on GearBest:

Whizzer TP1s
TWS wireless earphones

Whizzer TP1
TWS wireless earphones
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