The Tronxy Ultrabot UV resin 3D printer is available from EU Warehouse

The Tronxy Ultrabot UV Resin 3D printer can be ordered from European stock at a special price, which is detached from traditional 3D printing technology and uses UV light and liquid resin to create objects.

Tronxy Ultrabot

Nowadays, we can find more and more high-quality 3D printers in foreign online stores, but they are also appearing in more and more domestic stores. Printers that can be used quite well can be bought for under one hundred thousand HUF (Creality Ender, Tevo Tarantula series).
These printers work with so-called Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), which is fused, in small steps, layer by layer to form the three-dimensional object to be made. One disadvantage is that printing is noisy and extremely time consuming even on more expensive machines.
The Tronxy Ultrabot in our article uses 3D to create 3D prints in a completely different way. The raw material for this technology is a liquid resin that cures to UV light and then solidifies. The photosensitive material is illuminated with light, which hardens layer by layer as a result. In contrast to FFF technology, we end up with an object with much greater detail. The disadvantage is the material quality itself, as the solidified resin has a much more vulnerable, weaker structure.

It is also important to note that unlike the more popular plastic fiber 3D printing, working with synthetic resin is much more difficult and requires more attention.
The price of resin is about $70-80 per liter, which is not cheap, but there are plenty of items that can be printed from so many materials. It takes about 11 ml to print an object 5-6 cm high, but 1 ml is enough for a smaller object such as a ring. In general, it can be said that larger (5-10 cm) objects can be printed for approx. 100 pieces, while up to 500 of the smaller (approx. 1 cm) models.
The Tronxy Ultrabot displays each layer on a high-resolution (2K) LCD sheet, which solidifies when exposed to light. The print speed depends on the resolution you set and, of course, the size.

Tronxy Ultrabot

The maximum printable object size is 118x66x180 millimeters, which is especially good in its category. On the horizontal axis, the resolution of the device is 0.047, while in the vertical direction it is 0.0025 millimeters.
The product also comes with the so-called Ultrabot slicing software, which creates a printer-interpretable Cbddlp file from the most common 3d models with STL and OBL extensions. You don’t need too much knowledge to control it, and the 3.5-inch color display allows you to start the printing process extremely quickly.
The Tronxy Ultrabot, currently available from GearBest store for $309, is available from stock in Germany.

EU Warehouse
Price: 309 USD

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