Teclast Brand Sale - Get your tablets and laptops cheaper now

Banggood Store is launching the week with a special promotion where you can now buy popular Teclast products at a much lower price than the original. Along with the latest Teclast T30 tablet, you'll find discounted coupon codes for other popular tablets and laptops.

You can access the store promotion page by clicking the image below:

Teclast Brand Sale

Teclast T30

Let's start the deal with one of the latest Teclast products, the super-fast 4G LTE capable Teclast T30 tablet. The T30 can be an excellent follower of the popular Teclast T20. Because hardware accelerated a lot, while its price changed almost nothing.
Equipped with a 10.1-inch, 1920x1200-pixel, high-brightness (370 nit) display, the tablet is even faster, more economical than its predecessor. The latest MediaTek system chip, already made with the new 12nm FinFET technology, is almost twice as fast as the T20 Helio X27. And this is not only reflected in overall computing performance, but also in 3D applications and games. The ARM Mali-G72 MP3 graphics unit offers nearly 40% performance improvement on most games compared to previous generation MediaTek system chips.

Teclast T30 - GPU

I can only write good about the appearance of the T30: the front panel is protected by a 2.5D glass with rounded edges, which gives the user a much more comfortable feel. The product has a thickness of just 8.5 millimeters, which is also outstanding in its class. The trick is simple, the manufacturer has put the motherboard and related units on the backside, so the backsheet no longer thickens the case.
Thanks to the economical Helio P70 and the large 8000mAh battery, you can expect great uptime. With continuous video watching, you can use your tablet for up to 11 hours on a single charge. So under normal use no need to charge it for one-day work.

Teclast T30 - Battery

You can insert a mobile SIM card along with a MicroSD card into your tablet, so you don't have to give up the internet experience when you're on the go. It is important to note here that 4G support is rather poor, such as the rather common European B20 (800MHz) LTE frequency from the specifications.
The Teclast T30 has the latest Android operating system, Android 9.0, and security updates will be available for a while.
The Helio P70 system chip comes with 4GB of internal memory and 64GB of storage, so you can be assured that your system will run smoothly, fast, without freezing. If you want to put many games, apps, photos or videos on your tablet, you may want to add a MicroSD card (up to 128GB).
For wireless data communication, the tablet is also good, with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. You can also take advantage of the T30 while driving, as there is a GPS receiver underneath the back cover, making it ideal for navigation.

Teclast T30 - Docking Keyboard

If you are serious about using your tablet for work, you may want to consider the optional keyboard, which can be wirelessly connected to your device using a magnetic dock.
The large display and ample internal memory make it easy and seamless to use Android's split screen function, and the keyboard makes switching between applications even easier.
The Teclast T30 is now available in several stores at promotional prices. At Bangood you can buy it with the BGOCT30 coupon code, and at GearBest you can buy it at a bargain price. No coupon code is required here. The T30 tablet is priced at $189.99 at both stores. In the case of a European order, free EU Priority Line shipping is available at both webstores to avoid customs clearance procedures.
You can access the offers of the stores through the following links:

Teclast T30
Bangood promotion - BGOCT30
Price after coupon: 189.99 USD

Teclast T30
GearBest promotion
Price: 189.99 USD

But at the Bangood store, you can find additional coupon deals to get popular Teclast tablets and laptops at a much lower price.

Teclast M30

Teclast M30

The Teclast M30 4G tablet, released in the summer, looks very similar to the T30 discussed above, but much cheaper. The M30 comes with a 10-core MediaTek Helio X27 system chip, which is less than the Helio P70, but still perfect for general use. If you look at the M30's data sheet, you will notice that in some features it is even better than the latest Teclast model.
128GB of storage and a much larger 2560x1600 pixel IPS display can be a decisive factor for many. What's more, the current price of the Teclast M30 is very friendly as it can be taken for $144.98 in a coupon sale.
The following coupon code must be entered for purchase: BGOCM30. And you can access the offer here:

Teclast M30
Bangood promotion - BGOCM30
Price after coupon: 144.98 USD
Teclast F5R

Teclast is also designing and manufacturing laptops along with tablets, so check out the Banggood promotion page where you can buy a lot of high quality products for much cheaper now. You can also find the Teclast F5R laptop with Windows 10 operatign system in the store offers.

Teclast F5R

With a 11.6-inch display, the laptop is a real highlight, with its 360-degree tilt back and touch-sensitive surface so you can even use it in tablet mode. And by purchasing the right stylus, you can take notes and draw. The Teclast F5R is 13 millimeters thick and weighs just 1 kilogram, so you can take it anywhere, anytime.
Below the back is an Intel N3450 quad-core processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD internal storage. A look at the entry-level laptops reveals that you won't find as many laptops with so much memory and SSD storage.

Teclast F5R

The Teclast F5R is currently priced at $ 329.99, but with the BGF5RP coupon code we can reduce this. So for a tablet with excellent parameters, we have to leave about $269.99 at the virtual checkout. In addition, every order now comes with a gift laptop bag.
You can access the offer at Banggood or by clicking on the link below:

Teclast F5R
Banggood promotion - BGF5RP
Price after coupon: 269.99 USD

Teclast F15

Teclast F15

For those who are looking for a bigger picture size, you might want to look at the almost identical hardware, the 15.6-inch Teclast F15 notebook. In addition to the Intel N4100 processor, it comes with 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage, and like the F5R, the case is extremely slim. Thanks to its larger size, it has a full-size backlit keyboard with numeric keys.
In the Banggood coupon deal, you can now order a Teclast F15 notebook for only $319.99. The coupon code is: BGTF15X

Teclast F15
Banggood promotion - BGTF15X
Price after coupon: 319.99 USD

For more promotions and coupon codes, visit the Banggood promotion page, which can be found here: Banggood - Teclast Brand Sale
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