Stay at Home! Best Home Theater Projectors in 2020

Most of you have stayed home for the holidays now, and probably for a while after that, so we thought we’d introduce some better quality projectors that could turn a real home theater experience into your living room. In addition, most products are now available in coupons, from European stock, with fast delivery.

Home theater 2020

If we look around in foreign web stores, we can find plenty of projectors suitable for home cinema. You can buy the right product for as little as $ 100, but anyone looking for a real, quality product needs to dig a little deeper into their pocket.

In our article, we tried to gather some of these from each price category. Especially for products that can be ordered from European stock at a special price. From Europe, we can buy from stock in the Czech Republic, from where the delivery time is extremely short (2-5 days) and of course VAT and duty free to EU countries. All of the products listed can also be ordered from China and the coupon codes also work.

Let's take a look at the different priced products!

Under 100 USD - Blitzwolf BW-VP1

In the low budget category, we find LED projectors with a resolution of only 720P, which is capable of displaying 1280x720 pixels. Their brightness is around 2,000 lumens, so they should be used especially in the evening. We can't be completely satisfied with the connections either, there is usually an HDMI, a VGA and a USB connection point, there is no possibility of wireless connection.

They usually do not have their own operating system, so they are not suitable for internet browsing or online movie watching on their own. They have a built-in speaker, but their quality is not perfect, so you may want to use an external sound system. In addition, the sound of the fan cooling the lamp can be heard well, although it is no longer so audible while watching a movie or playing.

Blitzwolf BW-VP1 projector

The Blitzwolf brand may be familiar to many, which is why we chose their product first. The company has been present in the market since 2015, so it stands out among the competitors in terms of reliability. The Blitzwolf BW-VP1 with 720p native resolution and up to 100-inch projection image is currently available from the Czech Republic for $85.99.

As a coupon, however, we can now carve an additional $6 from the price, so you can order a total of $79.99 with free EU Priority Mail (2-5 business days) delivery.

The coupon code required for the purchase is BGBWA4, and the promotion is available here:

EU Warehouse - 79.99 USD
Coupon: BGBWA4

Under 150 USD - Toprecis T8

The manufacturer Toprecis is less well known, but at a much more expensive price than Blitzwolf, we get a projector capable of FullHD native resolution, with a brightness of 4,500 lumens on paper and a projection image of up to 200 inches (from 4.2 meters). This model also has a built-in speaker, and keystone correction is also available.
On the back of the Toprecis T8 you will find an HDMI connector, two USB inputs and one audio output and one input.

Toprecis T8

The Toprecis T8 projector does not include an operating system either, so some external device must be connected. It’s true that the Android-equipped version of the Toprecis T8 is also available, but it’s slightly more expensive and out of stock in the EU.

The Toprecis T8 is also available from stock in the Czech Republic, now on sale for $129.99. You can get the offer in the Banggood store:

EU Warehouse - 129.99 USD

Below 200 USD - Blitzwolf BW-VP2

We also chose the Blitzwolf brand from the bottom of the imaginary middle class, namely the Blitzwolf BW-VP2 projector. Its parameters do not differ much from the Toprecis T8 model, but in terms of quality we get much more for our money.

Blitzwolf BW-VP2 projector

The Blitzwolf BW-VP2 is of course capable of native FullHD (1920x1080) resolution with excellent 6500 lumens brightness, 2000: 1 contrast ratio and built-in speaker. The projection size is excellent, we get an image of 100 inches from almost two meters, and up to 300 inches from 4 meters. Thus, watching movies, watching TV and playing games can be an excellent choice either in the living room or in the future at an evening garden party with friends.
We can't complain about inputs, there is plenty to choose from: 2 HDMI, one VGA, 2 USB and an audio connector on the back.

The Bilztwolf BW-VP2 is currently one of the best choices in the mid-range in terms of value for money. The original price of the projector is $189.99, but with a coupon code we can reduce the price up to $164.99. Delivery in Europe is free, fast and reliable.

EU Warehouse - 164.99 USD

Below 500 USD - Xiaomi Mijia DLP Projektor

The next projector, the Xiaomi Mijia DLP, is a bigger leap in price and quality compared to previous models. If you want to conjure up a really quality home cinema in your living room, you should read the article from here.

The Xiaomi projector features many more settings, more reliable operation, quality materials and assembly. And thanks to DLP technology, we get a sharper, more beautiful image than the LCD products shown in the previous examples.

Xiaomi Mijia DLP

The maximum native resolution of the Xiaomi projector is FullHD (1920x1080), with auto focus adjustment, which not only makes the initial adjustment easier, but we always get the sharpest image later on. The projection ratio is 1.2: 1, giving an 80-inch image from 2 meters and a 120-inch image from 3 meters. You can find the latest Miui TV operating system on your device, so you can manage the content available on the Internet without an external device.

The speakers with Dolby Audio and DTS support in the Mijia DLP can already be used with confidence while watching a movie.
Perhaps the biggest negative of the products listed above is the sound cooling. For the Xiaomi Mijia DLP, this is not a problem, as an extremely quiet, intelligent fan system has been used to cool it.

The Xiaomi Mijia DLP (MJJGTYDS02FM) is currently available from EU stock for $394.79. It is important to note that this is not the international version, only English and Chinese can be selected in the system.
The international (Global) version of the Xiaomi Mijia DLP (SJL4014GL) is not available from EU stock, but since it can be ordered in an excellent coupon promotion, I didn’t want to miss it from the list. After entering the appropriate coupon code, the projector will cost $409.99.

EU Warehouse - 394.79 USD
Coupon: BG02S5

Coupon: BGGVG941
Price: 409.99 USD

High end projectors - Laser Projectors

There is no question that if we want the best quality, we have to choose between laser projectors. Thanks to the laser technology, we can get a huge, huge image from an ultra-short projection distance. As a result, the placement of the projectors is extremely simple, aesthetically pleasing, and there is no need to worry about hanging shadows.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser projector

You can now get the Xiaomi Mijia Laser projector from the EU warehouse with the least effort, and you can even carve a little of the original price with a coupon code.
The laser projector uses Appotroincs ALPD 3.0 laser technology for projection, so you can achieve up to 150-inch needle-sharp images from a short distance. The resolution of this product is also 1920x1080, ie FullHD, the brightness is 5000 lumens, but its image quality is much better thanks to the laser illumination. There is also no fear that the device will be damaged soon, as the manufacturer guarantees almost 25,000 hours of use for the light source. That’s more than 30 years in terms of watching two hours of movies a day.

The Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector is available from stock in the Czech Republic (or China) with coupon code for $1079.99.

EU Warehouse - 1079.99 USD
Coupon: BGXMJ579

Last but not least, I brought you one of the best projectors in the category, the Fengmi 4K Cinema Laser Projector, which already has a native 4k resolution. He has nearly similar knowledge to the other parameters of the device as the Xiaomi Mijia Laser projector.

Fengmi 4K Cinema Laser Projector

If someone has slashed the price of the previous Xiaomi laser projector, take a deep breath now. The Fengmi 4K Cinema Laser projector is now available for sale at a discounted price from a warehouse in the Czech Republic (or from China) for $1,769.

Purchase coupon code: BGFM164

EU Warehouse - 1769 USD
Coupon: BGFM164

If there is one who can devote so much to a professional projector, it is definitely worth getting a better quality projection screen, thanks to which we can really bring the real, original cinema atmosphere into the living room:

In addition to the promotions mentioned above, we can find other projectors in coupon promotions, but I would only mention them at the level of listing:

Product Coupon Price Shop
Blitzwolf BW-VP3
(Android 8.0)
BGBW3054 203.99 USD Buy now
Wemax Smart DMD Projector
BGWS767 504.99 USD Buy now
Fengmi Vogue Projector BGXMFM531 629.99 USD Buy now
Xiaomi XGIMI Halo
BGXGHALO 704.99 USD Buy now
Mijia Laser Projector 4K
BGMJLPT4K 1768.88 USD Buy now
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