Singles Day 2019 - Win Treasures worth one million dollars

Singles Day 2019, Double 11 (11.11), the biggest, craziest online sale of the year, is coming. Various promotional content and prize games have been made available in the most popular web stores this week. In this article, GearBest introduces you to a truly treasure hunting game.

The end of the year shopping frenzy is just beginning, for the first time on November 11, 2019, millions of shoppers will be waiting for the biggest sale of the year, bomb action.
We've already written about GeekBuying 11.11 promotions on our site, and here's another 11.11 promotion for the globally popular site, GearBest.

You can access the GearBest 11.11 promo page by clicking on the image below:

Singles Day 2019 - GearBest

GearBest 11.11. - Treasure hunging

The biggest promotions will be unveiled next week on Monday, November 11, 2019, but GearBest has some surprises and activity for registered users this week as well.
The highly acclaimed webstore has launched from November 4 to November 9, 2019, the so-called "Warm-Up Period", a warm-up promotion where you can win loads of coupons, GB points and prizes.
From November 10th to 12th, the "Peak Period", the peak day of the Singles Day event, will start, where in addition to regular coupons, the best deals of the year are waiting for the interested.
This year, GB points will play an even bigger role than before. You can use the points earned in the 11.11 event series to spin your luck, redeem extra coupons, open treasure chests, or even lower the price of a selected product.
This week you have several opportunities to multiply your existing GB points!
1. Sign in

Users who sign in to their account daily between 4th and 12th November 2019 will score 2 extra points per day. Additionally, extra coupons are available if you sign in for several days:
  • who sign in for 3 days will receive a $ 3 coupon that can be redeemed for over $ 30
  • who sign in for 5 days will win a $ 6 coupon that can be redeemed for over $ 60
  • who sign in for 8 days will win a $ 11 coupon that can be redeemed for over $ 150
GearBest GB pontok

2. Keywords

GearBest - Keyword search

On the promotion page you can find HERE you will see a yellow box where various keywords appear (eg Utorch, alfawise, Hubsan, CUBOT, Teclast, Aquara, Bledio, QCY etc.).

GearBest treasure chest

If you searched for these keywords on the page, a treasure chest containing various prizes would appear in the list of results, but there might be nothing in it. In most cases, you can open GB points here, so you can quickly increase the number of your existing points.
Not only can you get treasure chests using the search box: a small box can be randomly popped up anywhere on the page during the promotion, which you can also open with a click.
Help: Clicking on the map icon in the lower-right corner of the page will take you to the pages where the treasure chest is hiding and see what you've already opened.

3. Fill in a user profile or rate your purchase

GearBest gives you 70 GB points as a gift when you fill out a user account with your own information, and you can earn an additional 70 points by rating a previously purchased product and adding a photo or video.
Redeeming points
You can redeem the points you earn for various extra coupons. So far, two such coupons are available on the site for 100 and 200 GB points respectively:
  • $ 11 discount on a minimum purchase of $ 11.11
  • $ 30 discount on minimum $ 80 purchases

You can get coupons at certain times, and unfortunately both are available in limited numbers, so keep an eye on the counter.
You can access the above two codes between November 4th and November 9th. You can collect another new, very similar coupons later, between November 10th and 12th:
  • $ 15 discount on $ 50 minimum purchase
  • $ 50 discount on minimum $ 111 purchases
You will also find treasure chests on the site that you can only unlock with GB points. They were able to get gifts of up to $100.

Some boxes have special letters, four different types (G, E, A, R). If you collect them, you can earn up to $ 100 in coupons.
On November 11th, you can also spin the wheel of luck where you can spin a $ 111 voucher or valuable prizes. The cost per spin will be 10 GB points.

Coupon Rain

On the Coupon Rain site, you can start a mini game that you can play once a day. Click on "Ready to Go" to start the game where the goal is to open as many falling treasure chests as possible. The total value of the "treasures" is 1 million dollars.
You can access the coupon even by clicking on the image below:

GearBest - Singles Day 2019 - Coupon Rain

11.11. Xiaomi Promotions

GearBest 11.11. you can go to several sub-pages of the promotion page, including the "Xiaomi 11.11 Deals". On this page you can see the current Xiaomi promotions, coupon codes, which are constantly updated by the editors of the site.
Last week we also wrote about some of the special Xiaomi phones, but on page 11.11 you can find many other popular Xiaomi products

Xiaomi 11.11 Promotion

Discounted items include phones (Redmi Note 8, Mi 9 Lite, Mi 9T Pro, etc.), robot vacuum cleaners (Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Xiaomi S50), laser projectors, electric scooters, headsets, smart watches and other popular Xiaomi products.
This page is worth checking out daily as coupons and prices change day by day.
You can access the Xiaomi promotion page via the following link:

Xiaomi 11.11. Deals 
GearBest - 2019.Singles Day

In addition, it is worth keeping an eye on our site: on our coupon section we have collected the latest available codes, updated daily.
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