Lenovo Watch 9 - Hybrid smart watch for under 20 dollars

Lenovo is a world-renowned brand, yet we haven't heard much about Lenovo smartwatches so far. This is no accident, as so far only one or two products have been launched. Introducing one of these, the Lenovo Watch 9 Hybrid Smartwatch, which costs just $20.

Lenovo Watch 9

The Lenovo Watch 9 is virtually a sleek, sophisticated-looking analog watch with smart features. In the Cafago store promotion, you can now purchase the device for as little as $19.87, the shipping is free.
You can purchase the Lenovo Watch 9 smartwatch in the Cafago Web Store or by clicking the link below:

Hybrid Smartwatch
Price: 19.87 USD

Lenovo Watch 9

The Lenovo watch made of quality materials can be a great choice for those who are fans of analog watches, but still do not want to give up various smartwatch functions, such as pedometer, sleep monitoring, display of notifications.
The watch is surrounded on the outside by a 40mm 316L surgical steel frame with a dotted patterned silicone strap attached to it. According to the official data of the manufacturer, its water resistance is 5ATM or 50 meters. This is a basic level of protection against water, valid for a shorter period, so if possible, do not plan the summer Balaton swimming competition in this. However, if you wash your hands, bathe, rain or accidentally fall into the water, the watch will definitely not be a problem.

Lenovo Watch

The clock face is 25 millimeters in diameter, simple, clean, only the clock markings are shown. The tiny notification LED is in the middle of the 12-hour signal. We do not have any settings in the clock itself and on the surface of the clock, there is only one button on it, with which we cannot set the exact time.
The smart capabilities of the watch can be developed with a Bluetooth-enabled Android or iOS device. We need to get an app called Lenovo Watch from the app store. After synchronizing with the clock, the application shows the result of our daily pedometer and information about our sleep.
The steps taken are not specifically shown on the watch, as there is no display. Lenovo engineers, however, have resolved the issue nonetheless: there is a scale from zero to 100 at the bottom of the watch base that provides a percentage display of the number of steps just set. For example, if someone has set a daily goal of 5,000 steps in the app, it will report 10% to 500 steps, 20% to 1000 steps on the watch accordingly. To view the current status, just press the button to the right of the clock, in which case the second hand jumps to the appropriate percentage. And after a few seconds, he resumes his usual monotonous tour.
In a similar way, the clock signals us the call and incoming messages. At eight hours a CALL is displayed, while at four hours an MSG is displayed. In the event of a message or call, the clock vibrates and the pointer jumps to one of these states.

Lenovo Watch 9 - Application

You also need to set the exact time within the application, first you need to enter the time just shown by the watch, and then knowing this, the mechanical clock will automatically set to the current time shown on your phone.
You can also use the application and the clock in your hand to control the built-in camera of your phone. All you have to do is press the clock button for a short time, but the function is also activated to shake the clock.
The operating time of the watch is excellent, as the only CR2032 button battery is enough for about 8 months of continuous use. The battery is replaced in the same way as a traditional watch after removing the back cover.
You can now order the Lenovo Watch 9 smartwatch from the Cafago store for just $19.87:

Hybrid Smart Watch
Price: 19.87 USD

And for those who are more interested in watches with a display and are not afraid of unknown manufacturers, the F10 IP67-rated smartphone can be an interesting offer.

F10 smartwatch

The F10 activity meter with color display is suitable for measuring blood pressure and blood oxygen levels in addition to the usual functions, as described by the manufacturer. Although it is also important to note that the measured values of these sensors in this price category cannot be said to be accurate.
You can also get the F10 smart watch now at a discounted price of about 21 dollars:

Price: 21.03 USD
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