KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro - More than an electric scooter

An improved edition of the KUGOO KIRIN M4 electric scooter has arrived, the KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro, which is already much more than an electric scooter in terms of capabilities. Plus, you can now get a high-performance scooter cheaper in the GeekBuying coupon promotion.


We have already dealt with a lot of KUGOO electric scooters (KIRIN S1, KUGOO S1 and S1 Pro, KUGOO G-Booster) on our site, this time we present you a really special vehicle with all kinds of extras.


The KIRIN M4 Pro is not really a traditional electric scooter in many ways. It is eye-catching at first glance, with a seat mounted on the back of the scooter that can give your user much more comfort while traveling. The maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 45 km/h and the maximum range can be up to 60 km. In addition to the non-everyday capabilities of the KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro, there is also an extraordinary price, as they ask for almost $ 900.
In the GeekBuying promotion, KIRIN M4 Pro is now available for 27% off for as little as $674.99.
With coupon code GKB470S, you could cut an additional $10 off the price, making the professional scooter yours for a total of $664.99. Delivery from an EU warehouse to most European countries is free and takes a maximum of 1 week.

Electric scooter - Coupon: GKB470S
Price: 664.99 USD

At the front of the KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro scooter you will find the height-adjustable handlebar, while at the rear, a rarely used seat that is less common than scooters. The assembly of the scooter is above average, with a reinforced frame structure and a thickened footrest, with a noticeably more rugged design than the entry-level models. As a result, it also has a much higher load capacity: people up to 150 kilograms can use it without any problems.

KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro - Strong Body Structure

The 10-inch-diameter pneumatic wheels are great for city traffic, but thanks to their special ribbing, we can drive them in the field. Thanks to the double suspension, the suspension of the scooter is excellent, so it is especially pleasant to ride with the big wheels.
The 500 Watt electric motor provides outstanding performance, with a travel speed of up to 40-45 km/h on flat terrain. Thanks to the powerful engine, even a 20-degree ascent is no problem for them.
In addition to making rapid progress, it is important to be able to stop if necessary. Therefore, in order to have the right braking effect, the manufacturer placed two high-quality disc brakes on the wheels.
The large 13 Ah battery pack can be found under the footrest, which can carry its passengers up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. Of course, this value is to be understood in the case of a user with medium weather and average weight under ideal weather and road conditions.
It's a good idea to delay charging the battery in the evening, as the total charging time is almost 8 hours with the included 54.6V/2A adapter.

KIRIN M4 Pro - Longer Endurance

The KIRIN M4 Pro can be folded like any other scooter, so the original 115 x 120 cm scooter can be reduced to just 116 x 36 centimeters after folding, so it can easily fit either on a public transport vehicle or in the trunk of a car. Of course, it should be added that due to its design, it cannot be said to be light, it can be classified as a heavier scooter with 22.5 kilograms.



Surely many have wondered how much more the KIRIN M4 Pro, which costs almost $60 more than the basic KIRIN M4 electric scooter, knows. To answer this question, GeekBuying also created a separate video, which can be viewed here:

I also collected the differences in the table below, maybe it is faster and easier to review:

Battery: 13 AH 10 AH
Endurance: 60 km 45 km
Tires: Off-road Tires Pneumatic Tires
Front light: Metal Shell Plastic Shell
Folding System: Second Generation, Double Protection Folding System First Generation Folding System
Platform: Rubber material provides more friction than before Frosted platform
Front Fork: 2nd Generation, more durable connection structure 1st generation connection structure
Stem: Die cast supporting bar (Detachable and angle adjustable) Welded supporting bar
The KUGOO KIRIN M4 is currently available for $604, while the KIRIN M4 Pro, with coupon code, is available for $665. The scooters may seem like a lot at first glance, but when you look at their capabilities and equipment, they are much cheaper than the competition, like other KUGOO models.
You can access the scooters on the GeekBuying page or by clicking on the links below:

Electric Scooter - Coupon: GKB470S
Price: 664.99 USD

Price: 603.99 USD
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