KUGOO G-Booster - Folding Electric Scooter with 800W Dual Motor

The GeekBuying webshop awaits customers with another special offer, this time with KUGOO's most powerful electric "scooter", the KUGOO G-Booster. And now every order comes with gifts.

KUGOO Ultimate E-Scooters

KUGOO S1 és S1 Pro

KUGOO has launched several high-value electric scooters this year, and fortunately they can be ordered from a European warehouse, duty free, with fast shipping.

The KUGOO S1 is the perfect choice for those planning to buy their first electric scooter. Enough to go to work or school and available for about 300.

In the GeekBuying promotion, the KUGOO S1 Scooter is available with the right coupon code for $309.99, and each order includes a free Apods i12 wireless earbuds (worth about $30). Required coupon code: 3J0RKLRT

And the promotion is available here:

GeekBuying EU Warehouse
Price: 309.99 USD

The KUGOO S1 Pro received a slightly larger battery and an external tuning. Nevertheless, the price has barely increased compared to the base model: it costs just $ 359.99.

KUGOO G-Booster

The headline KUGOO G-Booster is a completely different category, hard to compare to any of the above-mentioned e-vehicles. Equipped with an extremely rugged, extra-powerful motor, a huge battery and a reinforced frame, G-Booster stands out in the knowledge and design of the electric scooter. A lot of extra is unfortunately also reflected in the price.

KUGOO G-Booster

The KUGOO G-Booster Scooter, featuring extraordinary abilities, is now available for a coupon purchase of around € 1,039.99 with a gift of cross country riding gear anti-fall knee and elbow protection equipnent.
This price is certainly not low, and it is certain that we will not meet him every second street corner. Nevertheless, you will have a customer base for this product as well.

The coupon code required for your purchase: 3I8M85FL

The product can be ordered to European countries from a warehouse in Poland with free, fast and of course duty free shipping:

GeekBuying EU Warehouse
Coupon: 3I8M85FL
Price: 1039.99 EUR

The KUGOO G-Booster electric scooter is unlike any other. Its weight is no ordinary: the scooter weighs at least 30 kilograms. You won't be carrying that much weight with you anymore, but since it's folding, you can carry it anywhere in the boot of your car. G-Booster is truly different from other KUGOO products. It is not primarily meant for everyday transport, but rather for entertainment. The video released by GeekBuying is a good representation of how the new model is different from the average scooter:

Despite its high weight, the G-Booster has a top speed of up to 55 km/h, replacing it with a small city motorcycle. The load capacity of this model is also 120 kilograms.

The battery capacity is not low, thanks to the 23Ah, you can drive up to 85 kilometers on a single charge under normal conditions. The discharged scooter can be fully charged in about 10 hours.

KUGOO G-Booster 800W

The G-Booster has two powerful motors, that produce an output of 800W, they are almost three times more powerful than the S1 or S1 Pro models.
Not only does the two wheels have a separate engine, but there is also a separate disc brake, which offer an extra controlled ride.

Under the steering wheel, two extra-powerful (10W) LED headlamps ensure safe driving at night. The front and back vacuum tires are made with non-slip material, and it they are 10 inches (about 26 centimeters). Thanks to the special ribs, the scooter are perfect for off-road use.

A look at the roller data sheet clearly shows that G-Booster is not a kid's toy, and it has been emphasized at the manufacturing site that this product is primarily intended for adults.

It is important to note that since the G-Booster has a power output of 800W and its speed reaches or even exceeds 50km/h, it is only used in road traffic when absolutely necessary.
It is worthwhile for everyone to see what kind of traffic rules apply to such a high-powered electric scooter.

The price of the KUGOO G-Booster is not too low and can be bought for more than 1000 Euro in the current promotion. The order now comes with a gift of a knee and elbow pad.

After entering the 3I8M85FL coupon code, the final price of the scooter is 1039.99 Euro, or approximately $1165.

You can find the offer on the GeekBuying website:

GeekBuying EU Warehouse
Coupon: 3I8M85FL
Price: 1039.99 EUR (1165 USD)
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