FIIDO D11 - The new FIIDO electric bike with excellent capabilities has not become cheap

FIIDO has launched its latest product, the FIIDO D11 electric bike, which has gotten even better, even prettier, and can now be yours with a $300 discount.

Fidoo D11

The FIIDO D11 hasn’t gotten cheap as its current starting price is around $1299. In the introductory promotion of the GeekBuying store, you can now get cheaper than that, you can carve $300 in the coupon price from the final price. So for as little as $999.99, the otherwise exceptionally beautiful-looking e-bike could be yours. It is a pleasure to have it available from an EU warehouse, so the order arrives in EU countries in a few days, VAT and duty free.
You can use two coupon codes to make a purchase, depending on the date of purchase:
  • $300 discount for the first 200 orders between September 24 and October 15, 2020, coupon code: GKB300D11
  • $200 discount + Bluetooth bike lock gift from October 16 to November 11, 2020, coupon code: GKB200D11
You can access the GeekBuying store promotion page here:

Electric BIke - EU warehouse
Price: 999.99 USD
Coupon: GKB300D11


The FIIDO D11 is eye-catching at first glance, the designers have done a really good job of shaping the exterior. Since it’s a moped bike, it doesn’t matter, when folded, how much weight we have to carry with us. Fortunately, here, too, I can only comment positively on the work of Chinese engineers, as the total weight of the bike is just 18 kilograms, including a battery, which is particularly good in the category.
With a 250-watt booster motor hidden in the rear wheel, a maximum speed of 24 km/h can be achieved if the bike is used only in fully electric mode.
In this mode, the 11.6 Ah battery can move the bike for about 30 to 60 kilometers, but if we help, we can roll it up to 100 kilometers.

Fiidoo D11 - electric bike

The design of the battery has been imaginatively solved by the designers, as the frame under the seat can be removed, so the energy source in it can be easily carried anywhere.
At the front and rear are LED headlights, the 20-inch wheels are equipped with a disc brake and a Shimano transmission.

The FIIDO D11 is apparently a well-done bike that can be a useful companion when you go to work. In larger cities, we can get to the shorter distances much faster in the morning traffic jam without polluting our immediate environment. An electric bike can also be an excellent choice for those who are forced to use public transport in the current viral situation to get to their employer.
We could do all this with the help of the electric bike in the article, but if we look at the $1299 or just the special $999 price tag, we’ll quickly change our minds. The FIIDO D11 is currently heavily overpriced, so it probably won’t be the run-in model for most people. The high price is a bit incomprehensible, as the little brother, FIDOO D3, is also available from an EU warehouse at almost half price. The new model doesn’t know that much anymore, right now, mainly because of its high price, I couldn’t recommend it to anyone with a good heart. However, in the future, if the price drops, it may still be a recommended purchase.
For those who don't mind the high price, you can order the FIIDO D11 electric bike from GeekBuying's warehouse in Poland now:

Electric bike - EU warehouse
Price: 999.99 USD
Coupon: GKB300D11

Finally, some pictures of the FIDOO D11 electric bike in use (the people in the picture are of course not part of the package :))

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