ENGWE electric bikes on sale at the GeekBuying store

Lots of ENGWE electric bikes were on sale at GeekBuying's 11.11 shopping holiday, and with a coupon code you can get additional discounts.

With sales of electric transport vehicles currently booming around the world, more and more people are deciding to ditch their old petrol cars and head for electric vehicles. Of course, the prices of electric cars are currently much higher than conventional cars, so many people are turning to other alternatives.

One such option is the electric bicycle, which turns cycling into a convenient mode of transport. The manufacturer ENGWE may be unknown to many in this country, but it is a well-established and well-known brand in the electric bicycle market worldwide.

The history of the company dates back to 2014, when the ENGWE brand was founded. The founders' primary objective was to create high quality yet value for money bikes. Well, they seem to have succeeded, as since their launch in 2014 they have expanded their network to more than 30 countries, with nearly 100,000 electric bikes being delivered to customers every year. They have three huge warehouses around the world: in Poland, the US and the UK. Fortunately, when ordering from a European warehouse, you only have to wait a few days for the postman or courier to ring.

ENGWE promotion

You can find the ENGWE electric bikes that are part of the GeekBuying sale on the promotional page by clicking on the link below:

ENGWE Electric Bike Promotion site
GeekBuying 11.11. Promotion

Almost all the ENGWE electric bikes on the website are on sale at GeekBuying. In addition, you can get additional discounts by using the following coupon codes during the 11.11 sale days:
  • Coupon code: GKB22111 ($50 discount over $600 spent)
  • Coupon code: GKB22112 ($20 discount over $300 spend)
The promotion includes some of the manufacturer's best-known products, such as the ENGWE EP-2 Pro, Engine Pro, C20 Pro and T14 ENGWE bikes.

The ENGWE EP-2 Pro, one of the company's most popular products, has never been cheaper in recent years. With the coupon code GKB22111, you can reduce the already discounted price of $919.03 down to $869.3. Plus, if you pay via Paypal, you can get an extra $10 off. This makes a total of $859.3 to get your hands on this excellent electric bike. Orders are shipped from an EU warehouse, so they arrive quickly, VAT and duty free to any EU country

ENGWE promotion

The main features of the bike include a 48V 13Ah battery, a powerful 750W electric motor (brushless) with 60Nm peak torque and a top speed of up to 35 km/h. With SHIMANO's 7-speed gearbox, you can easily shift between easier and harder gears to suit your ideal conditions.

ENGWE promotion

In pure electric mode, you can cover around 65 kilometres, and in sport and mixed mode up to 130 kilometres on a single charge. The battery is removable, so you can charge it anywhere, without having to carry the whole bike to the socket. The five-hour total charge time also adds to the positive features of the EP-2 Pro.

You can find the ENGWE EP-2 Pro bike on the promotional page above or by clicking directly on the link below.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro electric bike
Coupon: GKB22111
Price: 859 USD

A gyártó további népszerű kerékpárjait közvetlenül ezeken a hivatkozásokon keresztül tudjátok megvásárolni:

Product Specifications Price Where to Buy?
ENGWE Engine Pro 20 inch (20 "x4") aluminium wheels, 750 W brushless motor up to 45 km/h, 48V 16Ah battery, range up to 120 km in mixed mode, 8 gears, foldable frame 1338,48 USD Buy now!
ENGWE C20 Pro 20 inch (20 "x3") aluminium wheels, 250 W brushless motor boost up to 20-25 km/h, 36V 19.2Ah battery, range up to 105 km with mixed use, 7 gears, foldable frame 820,3 USD Buy now!
ENGWE T14 14-inch (14 "x2.125") wheels, aluminium frame, 48V 10Ah battery, up to 80 km range in mixed use 517,21 USD Buy now!

ENGWE promotion

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