Discounted Yeelight lights at the 11th AliExpress Anniversary Sale

This year’s 11-year-old Aliexpress store now has plenty of great deals, including a variety of smart, discounted lighting products from one of Xiaomi’s sub-brands, Yeelight.

The web store on Aliexpress is the official distributor of Yeelight products, so by going through the catalog, you are sure to find smart lighting for yourself. And last but not least, you can order all of these at well below home prices.

You can find a wide range of offers in the Yeelight web store here:

Some of the featured products on offer:

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YEELIGHT Desk Lamp Foldable Eyes Protection Reading Dimmable PC Computer USB Lamp Display Hanging Light mi Home APP Control

Main Features:
  • Popular game interactive lighting, game competition, hearty
  • Industry innovative research and development of competitive lighting, access to Razer chroma and OverWolf, support mainstream PC game lighting interaction, give you a hearty game lighting experience.
  • Multiple game modes to choose
  • A variety of game modes are optional, from the game login to the beginning of the competition, giving you a different game lighting experience. Mobile APP customization
  • Great God's operation, full of color
  • Set game events and lighting linkage, and change lighting effects according to game actions. Every glorious moment has good light to help.
  • CHROMA Symphony Linkage, Group Upgrade Game Experience
  • Light linkage with other Razer devices, easily set the light color and effect mode you like.
  • Mijia smart linkage, explore more ways to play
  • Support Mijia smart home linkage, support mobile APP and Xiaomi AI speaker control, more gameplay waiting for you to explore.
  • One-click switch office mode, family members can also use
  • Asymmetrical forward light projection design, fine light output cover, effectively reduce screen reflection. Triple eye protection, family members are more comfortable with light.
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Main Features of Yeelight GU10 smart bulb W1(multicolor)

lmmersive Gaming Experience
  • Enjoy seamless integration with major gaming platforms, including Razer Chroma and Overworlf. Give you a more immersive gaming experience with different light effects triggered by game events. Spectacular gaming starts from now!
  • Customize Your Moments with Colors: The W1 GU10 Bulb creates the right atmosphere for different scenarios with over 16 million available colors. Either it is a friend gathering, reading, or romantic date, the light will adjust to your needs.
  • Shine with Rhythm: Sync the lights to your favorite song and explore how lights change with the rhythm. Spice up your party or holiday decorations with changing colors.
  • Group Control to llluminate Every Corner: Group control several bulbs together for simultaneous lighting effects.The Gu10 w1 Bulb comes with a 36° beam angle, further ensuring the light covers the entire room.
  • Dimmable and Adjustable Color Temperature: Adjust your light to an exact color temperature or brightness to create your own lighting scenes at ease.
  • Environmental-friendly & Energy-saving: GU10 W1 Bulb saves you both energy and money with 4.5W maximum output, 0.4W ultra-low standby power.

Multicolor X:

Dimmable X1:

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Yeelight 1SE Smart Bulb LED E27 6W RGB Wireless Voice Control Colorful Light 100-240V Work for Google Assistant SmartThing Alexa

  • Voice Control, Operate without Leaving Sofa
  • 16 Million Colors to Suit Your Every Need
  • Color Picking, Combined with Practicality and Fun
  • Color Temperature Adjustment, Always Find the Most Comfortable Light
  • Sync Lights with Music
  • 6W Ultra-low Power Consumption, More Energy Saving
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2021 New Yeelight Arwen Smart LED Ceiling colorful Light Adjustable Brightness Work With google and Amazon alexa

  • Yeelight Arwen Ceiling Light C Series Create the Right Ambiance in Your Home
  • Arwen C comes in two sizes,Q450 andQ550 suitable for rooms of 15-25m2and 25-35m2, respectively. Metal frames further incorporates the elegance of curves in an ultrathin structure.
  • In addition to smart voice control through Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, Seesaw dimmer switch and a remote con- trol are also available.
  • Color Mood Light for Your Night of Romance: Arwen S comes with 16-million color mood light at your disposal. You may turn on the main light and mood light together to create a dreamy environment, or sepa- rately to add a feel of romance.
  • Quick Change Fixture: With patented quick change fixture, you may quickly install the light by gently locking the easy-to-install light base in place.
  • Adjustable Light for More Scenes: Adjustable brightness and color temperature provides the comfortability for differ- ent occasions. The color temperature covers a range of 2700K-6500K, casting the right light for the right setting.
  • Have A Good Night: Arwen S supports moonlight mode with an ultra-low brightness, perfect for the night- time as it emits a soft, comfortable glow that reduces glare and eyestrain just like the moonlight.
  • See the True Beauty in Your World: A color rendering index (Ra) up to 90 means that the light can accurately showcase the colors as they would be in the natural sunlight and allows you to see the lively world as it is.
  • Dust and Insect-proof: The hole-free light body ensures efficient prevention against dust and insects.
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Yeelight color temperature bulb M2 (YLDP25YL/YLDP26YL)

Main Features:

  • Ultra-low standby power consumption of 0.5W.
  • Bluetooth Mesh technology makes multi-lamp connection fast and convenient.
  • E14 and E27 two kinds of screw ports are available, suitable for more interfaces.
  • Capsule design, smaller size than ordinary bulbs, suitable for more interfaces and lampshades, like small-sized chandelier wall lamps, table lamps with smaller shades, so that the home has more DIY possibilities.
  • Adjustable color temperature and brightness
  • Support Atom technology
  • Can work with Homekit (An Yeelight gateway mesh version is required)
  • App name: Yeelight app, Mi Home, Apple Home
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Yeelight YLCT02YL 6W Bedside lamp Smart WIFI Touch Dimmable / YLCT03YL 18W LED Wireless Charging For iPhone 3XASMO3B4OZG
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Newest Yeelight Motion Sensor Mini Ceiling Light Sensing Night Lights Panel Lamp PIR Body Detector Light for Corridor Aisle Porch
  • PIR Moving Sensor for Night : When people entering the human sensing range, the lights automatically open, when people leave, after 60s the lights automatically power off
  • Anti-Mosquito : Fully sealed anti-mosquito design for peace of daily life
  • Flicker-Free Lighting : LED ceiling wall surface mount microwave motion activated smart LED light fixture , soft lighting, no flash, high brightness, high CRI, perfect for residential commercial
  • High Bright :Provides 670lm brightness and 5700K Warm White glow, illuminating your night life
  • Hight Energy Efficiency : LED panel lights have a longer life and do not need to be replaced frequently. The maintenance rate is low and the reliability is excellent, saving electricity costs.
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For most products, due to its price, you do not have to reckon with an additional cost after ordering. The guarantee is one year in all cases, the web store promises 10-12 days for EU delivery.
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