Deals on electric scooters and bicycles at the GeekBuying store

At GeekBuying’s eighth birthday deals, plenty of promotions can be found in the webshop. This time we have collected some electric scooters and bicycles for you, which you can get from an EU warehouse with fast delivery.

GeekBuying 8th birthday deals

We have entered the second phase of GeekBuying’s birthday promotion (Anniversary Week - June 15-25, 2020), along with the release of more universal coupon codes. You can use these codes for any product that exceeds a certain amount of value:
  • Over $18 - $5 discount: GKB8TH09
  • Over $88 - $8 discount: GKB8TH10
  • Over $188 - $15 discount: GKB8TH11
  • Over $50 - $5 discount: GKB8TH12
GeekBuying coupon codes

Coupons must be entered on the cart page and can be used for anything, even products running in the promotion.

In our current article, we present to you some outdoor vehicles that you can get at a good price during the promotion. You can find all the promotional offers on GeekBuying:

GEEKBUYING 8th Birthday Deals
Electric scooters, bycicles, etc.


KUGOO electric scooters have been featured on our site many times, and some of their products can already be found at domestic dealers. What should be emphasized about the manufacturer is that its products can be purchased from European stock, with fast and free delivery, and whatever problem arises, the European service can fix it very quickly for us. And thanks to its excellent value for money, it is no coincidence that it is one of the most widespread electric scooter brands in Europe.


We also wrote about the KUGOO S1 in more detail, so now I would just like to talk about it briefly. The KUGOO S1 had a lot of competition last year for the Xiaomi M365 scooter. The KUGOO scooter launched the S1 with almost the same parameters, but much cheaper than the Xiaomi product.
The 350W engine with 13.3 Nm of torque is extremely dynamic and can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h. You can cover up to 30 kilometers on a single charge.
You can now order the KUGOO S1 electric scooter from GeekBuying for $234 with free shipping. To make a purchase you will need to enter one of the coupon codes already mentioned above: GKB8TH11

GeekBuying EU warehouse
Price: 234.59 USD
Coupon: GKB8TH11


The FIIDO D1 is a moped electric bicycle with excellent value for money in its category, which has a much longer range compared to the scooter presented earlier.
The 14-inch wheels are powered by a 250 W motor powered by a 10.4 Ah battery to achieve a top speed of 25 km/h. It can cover nearly 30 to 60 kilometers on a full charge, depending on the weight of the traveler, the road conditions and the way it is used.


The FIIDO D1 can be used in three modes via an electric bicycle:
  • fully electric drive - approx. Range of 30 kilometers
  • semi-electric, semi-human drive (moped mode) - approx. Range of 60 kilometers
  • fully human drive (pedal mode)
It can be used very well for city transport, and since it can be folded, it can even be taken on public transport on shorter sections, or easily placed in the trunk of a smaller car.
The seat itself and the handlebars are well adjustable, with a seat height of 75 to 105 centimeters, while the handlebars can be moved between 95 and 110 centimeters.
You can buy the FIIDO D1 electric bike in a coupon sale for $464.99. You can use the same coupon code to buy here as for the KUGOO S1: GKB8TH11

GeekBuying EU warehouse
Price: 464.99 USD
Coupon: GKB8TH11


While the FIIDO D1 is more recommended for urban use, the FIDOO M1 electric bike can be rolled almost anywhere. This is mainly due to its large 20-inch wheels, wide tires and powerful engine, so you can ride safely on dirt roads, sand, or even snow.
The M1 FIIDO bike has a reinforced frame structure, a large 12.5 Ah battery, a 250 W motor and a 7-speed Shimano transmission.


The FIIDO M1 has a range of about 45-65 kilometers on a single charge, but when used in mixed mode it can reach up to 60-80 kilometers. Of course, if the battery is discharged, you don't even have to push the bike home, as we can comfortably ride it home with a human drive. The M1 moped bike is foldable, so like the D1, you can easily take it with you anywhere. True, the larger size also carries more weight, it is certain that with its 25 kilograms it will not be easy to get on public transport.
The latest FIDOO M1 is much better than the D1 in terms of features, but unfortunately it also shows in its price. In the GeekBuying promotion, you can now order for $979.99 from EU stock. This amount is high among traditional bikes, but if you look at the prices of electric bikes, it is by no means much.
You can find the promotion on GeekBuying and the coupon code needed to purchase it: FIIDOM1U

GeekBuying EU warehouse
Price: 979.99 USD
Coupon: FIIDOM1U

Finally, you could watch a short demonstration video of the FIIDO M1 electric moped bike:

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