Clearance Sale - The Nubia gamer phone is available for almost half the price

Nubia Red Magic, one of the best gamer phones of 2018, has never been so cheap. You can now order the former high-end mobile phone for games from $179.99, even from European stock.

Nubia Red Magic promotion

The Nubia Red Magic was the best value gamer phone in 2018, and it’s been true for 2 years since then, and its performance still holds its place in the upper-middle category to this day. And if you add the current discount price, you can do a particularly good deal by buying the former Nubia mobile. It’s worth mentioning that when it came out, the excellent device was open for around $ 500.
One of the best offers from GeekBuying at the end of the year is undoubtedly the Nubia Red Magic NX609J gamer phone, available for $179.99. The mobile phone for gamers, both externally and internally, is now available from a Far Eastern stock with a coupon for just $179.99 and a European stock for $195.99. In both cases, delivery is free and from an EU (Germany) warehouse to EU member states up to 100% duty free.

You can access offers and coupons here:

Nubia Red Magic
EU Warehouse - Coupon: RedmagicEU
Price: 195.99 USD

Nubia Red Magic
HK Warehouse - Coupon: RedmagicHK
Price: 179.99 USD

Nubia Red Magic - Gaming Smartphone - Global Version

The Nubia 2018 mobile phone can be said at first glance that it is not an average device. On the outer cover, you can immediately discover the usual visual cues of Gamer products. The line drawing is very modern, the usual lines have been kicked up by the designers and a really unique, youthful form has been created. A huge RGB LED strip runs across the back, which can be said to be a mandatory element of such products. Fortunately, you can set various functions in the phone settings, so in addition to the visuals, you can make good use of it.

Staying on the outside, there is a unique red textured button on the left side of the device that you can press to maximize the performance of the processor in the device. Furthermore, for a smooth gaming experience, you can block incoming calls, messages and notifications with the push of a button.
The Nubia Red Magic is not only outstanding on the outside, under the back we can find the former most powerful Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 835, which is cooled by a unique special system with ventilation grilles. The special cooling system, which uses special materials, is up to 64% more efficient than the average device, which has a positive effect on the performance of the entire phone.

In addition to the Snapdragon 835 system chip, we find 8GB of memory and 128GB of internal storage, which is ample enough to install larger games as well.
The display is perfectly in line with today's trends, the 6-inch FHD + resolution JDI display occupies almost the entire front panel. As a result, it is much smaller in size than today’s phones, easy to hold, which can also be a big advantage during gaming.
Although the back is not perforated full of camera apertures, it still captures very good images in the 24 MP, f/1.7 Samsung camera category. An 8 MP front unit was added to the front panel above the display.
With a playful mobile, it’s important that the device doesn’t drain in half an hour even under heavy use, which is why the engineers designed a quality 3800 mAh battery under the back of the Nubia Red Magic.

The Red Magic player's phone is, of course, a Global edition, ie it has a Google Store, it has a menu in Hungarian, and it connects to domestic mobile networks without any problems, including the always questionable B20 LTE frequency.
In the promotion, Nubia Red Magic is available in limited editions for $179.99 and $195.99, respectively. Special prices are valid for the first 100 products from the Hong Kong warehouse and for the first 50 products from the EU warehouse.
You can buy discount phones here:

EU Warehouse - Coupon: RedmagicEU
Price: 195.99 USD

HK Warehouse - Coupon: RedmagicHK
Price: 179.99 USD

Nubia Red Magic videó

Finally, a short entertaining video of what a former top Nubia gaming mobile phone actually looks like and what it actually knows:

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