CHUWI CoreBook X - Cheap Intel i5 notebook with 16GB memory

The CHUWI CoreBook X is an extremely inexpensive but all-powerful ultrabook powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 16GB of memory. Now you can get a great laptop with a coupon code even cheaper.

CHUWI CoreBook X

We have already written about several Chuwi products on our site, most recently we introduced the Chuwi LapBook Pro notebook, but it was also about the world's smallest mini computer, the Chuwi LarkBox. We also had the Chuwi HeroBook Pro laptop for a longer review, which gave it a very good performance compared to its price.

Chuwi CoreBook X

The whole body is made up of medal and fine anodizing process. While miantaing excellent hand fell, it keeps the advantage of being light and light, which can be easily carried in bags.

The positive features of the CHUWI CoreBook X include 16 gigabytes of memory, which consists of DDR4 modules. To keep up with the speed, you can have an Intel Core i5-7267U processor. The low-power dual-core runs at 3.1GHz, but it can creep up to a maximum of 3.5GHz. In addition to the large memory and fast processor, we also need a fast internal storage, from which the manufacturer chose a 256GB SSD, which we are very happy about. Of course, the laptop also got Bluetooth 4.2.

Intel Wireless-AC 7265 Wireless module supports 2.4G/5G dual Band and the top speed can be reach 867Mbps, providing a more smooth Wireless network experience. Even when you are not in the office, file transfer and collaborative work are still effective.

The 14-inch IPS display has a resolution of 2160x1440 pixels and a 3:2 aspect ratio. The CoreBook X can show you the amazing visiual experience. The NTSC color Gamut can be up to 70% to display color accurately. Above it, we also get a 1 megapixel camera and microphone to make Skype calls as well. It also comes with USB Type-C, USB3.0, jack and memory card reader. The English keyboard is also backlit, the CHUWI CoreBook X runs Windows 10, on which, of course, you can select any language thanks to Windows Update.

The 4000mAh (46.2Wh) high-capacity lithion-ion battery, and has excellent system-level power management. It allows for 8 hours of video playback. this is enough for a whole day's use. In the GearBest promotion, you can now buy the CoreBook X laptop for only $499.99, but the product is also available in the popular Banggood store:

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