Buy now a KUGOO electric scooter and get 30 USD back

The KUGOO electric scooter can be bought again in an exciting coupon. Now, after every order, $30 will return in cashback coupon. It's a good idea to hurry, because the action is only valid for a few days.


The KUGOO S1 is an electric scooter and has become an excellent competitor for Xiaomi M365.

This is not a coincidence, as the two models are almost the same in knowledge, but if we look at pricing, then KUGOO's product will definitely come out winner. In addition, you can order KUGOO's electric scooters from European Warehouse, free of customs and VAT.

The promotion also includes several KUGOO products: KUGOO S1, KUGOO S1 Pro and KUGOO G-Booster.

Kugoo S1 Electric Scooter

The KUGOO S1 is the ideal electric roller for anyone. The folding scooter is only 11 kilograms, so we can even get it if we can't move with it. The S1 has three speeds with a maximum load capacity of 120 kilograms. With 8-inch wheels and a 350W motor, you can reach speeds of up to 30 km / h, and with a 6AH lithium battery you can take up to 30 kilometers with a charge.

Thanks to its 24 LED lights in the center of the steering wheel, it is safe to use at night, thanks to its rear brake light.

The KUGOO S1 from the Polish warehouse, free of charge, is now available for $319.99 from GeekBuying. This price can be further reduced by using the appropriate coupon code. So you have to pay a total of $309.99.

Coupon code required for purchase: S1KUGOO

You can purchase the product by clicking the link below:

Coupon: S1KUGOO
Price: 309.99 USD

On the occasion of GeekBuying's 7th birthday, you can get an additional $30 bonus if you buy any KUGOO folding electric scooter.

You can use the $ 30 bonus as follows:
  • Of course the first step is to buy a KUGOO S1, KUGOO S1 Pro or KUGOO G-Booster electric scooter
  • After purchase, you will need to enter your email address or order code through this Google Form
  • If everything is fine, you will receive an email for the $30 cashback coupon you can spend on any (non-KUGOO) product
  • One coupon can be purchased with an email address
  • The action is going on this week, that is, 24-30 June 2019.

30 USD cashback coupon - GeekBuying

In addition to the KUGOO S1 briefly discussed above, you can also invest in the Pro version.

Kugoo S1 Pro

The KUGOO S1 Pro is not much different from the basic version, with just a few extra accessories. One plus is the turn signal on the left or right of the steering wheel, plus the additional reflectors hidden behind the wheel on the bottom.
In addition to the extra lights, the roller wheels are also better, stronger, and deeper treads allow us to drive on concrete or asphalt-free ground.
The 6AH battery also gained 7.5 AH, but the maximum range available in the description did not change.

The KUGOO S1 Pro folding electric scooter is also available from a Polish warehouse with fast and free shipping now for $358.99, but with the KUGOOS1P coupon code we can reduce the price slightly.

You can access S1 Pro at the following link:

Coupon: KUGOOS1P
Price: 349.99 USD

The third action-driven electric scooter KUGOO G-Booster is already a more serious means of transport than previous models.

Kugoo G-Booster

G-Booster in black and red colors weighs 30 kilograms and has a maximum speed of 55 km / h. With these parameters a smaller motor can be replaced.
Compared to the S1 and S1 Pro models, we have 10-inch (25.4 cm) wheels for more comfortable and safe driving. The front and back vacuum tires are made with non-slip material that allows for multi terrain riding. The G-Booster also received two engines with a power of 800 watts.

The huge 23Ah battery can be fully recharged in 10 hours, but can be replaced by up to 85 kilometers without having to be recharged.

Kugoo G-Booster

Of course, it would be difficult to correct the higher speed with our feet, so the manufacturer placed disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels.
The front lamp has been removed from the steering wheel, which means that there are already front lights, because there are two of them. LED light sources each have 10W power, so you can travel safely in the evening.

The price of the KUGOO G-Booster electric scooter is currently $1099.99, which is not a small one, but the one who wants such a toy is definitely not worth paying this amount. This product is also available free of charge and free of charge from GeekBuying's warehouse in Poland.

Price: 1099.99 USD

And what G-Booster can do for you in the video below:

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