Black Friday 2020 - Tronsmart products on sale in the GeekBuying store

Not only on Black Friday, but throughout the weekend, the GeekBuying store awaits shoppers with exciting offers. From the abundant offerings, we have selected some that are worth checking out.

The GeekBuying store has already started Black Friday 2020, and we have also written to you on our site about Early Access promotions. The renewed promotion page now includes even more products, among which, fortunately, I can find plenty of EU stock promotions:

Black Friday 2020 - GeekBuying

GeekBuying - Black Friday 2020

Let's see what special offers are waiting for us this year in the GeekBuying web store. The coupon codes mentioned in the last article are now really available and can be used for any product on the site.
You can use the following coupon codes until November 30:
  • BFGKB2004: $15 discount over $200
  • BFGKB2003: $10 discount over $150
  • BFGKB2002: $5 discount over $50
  • BFGKB2001: $2 discount over $20
  • BLACK5: 5% off (discount limited up to $15)

The above coupon codes can be used for all products on the site, but promotions are also available that are specific to a particular product group or brand. Tronsmart's great-value speakers and earphones, for example, are now available at a very good price, and you can also get them from an EU warehouse.

Product Coupon Price Where to Buy?
Tronsmart Element T6 Max
60W Bluetooth Speaker
NNNAnonimInc1 69.99 USD Buy Now!
Tronsmart Onyx Ace
TWS Wireless Earphones
NNNAnonimInc2 21.99 USD Buy Now!
Tronsmart Apollo Bold ANC
Active Noise Cancelling Earphones
NNNAnonimInc8 78.99 USD Buy Now!
Tronsmart Force SoundPulse
40W Bluetooth Speaker
NNNAnonimInc12 39.99 USD Buy Now!
Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse
40W Bluetooth Speaker
NNNAnonimInc13 34.99 USD Buy Now!
Tronsmart Spunky Beat
TWS Wireless Earphones
Tronsmart Element T6 Plus
40W IPX6 Bluetooth Speaker



In addition to the promotions mentioned above, the VIOMI S9 robotic vacuum cleaner is out on GeekBuying as a featured Black Friday offer. Xiaomi’s latest professional robotic vacuum cleaner, the VIOMI S9, is now available under coupon code VIOMIS9Z for $649.99 from stock in Europe. This price is nearly $100 less than the opening price at the beginning of the month.

BUY VIOMI S9 Vacuum Cleaner
GeekBuying - Black Friday promotion

The VIOMI S9 has outstanding capabilities, going well beyond a traditional robotic vacuum cleaner. Its powerful suction power (2700 Pa), excellent laser sensor and huge 5200mAh battery alone are above average. The robotic vacuum cleaner, which can also be used for mopping, can operate for up to 220 minutes on a single charge, and when it returns to the base location, it also automatically empties its dust container into the collection bag at the docking station. Thus, there is no need to worry about emptying the tank after each minor cleaning.
It supports multiple maps, so you can use it in a multi-storey house or in multiple locations without having to reprogram. Of course, in-app management, virtual wall setup, timed startup, and cleaning route planning are also available.

Xiaomi VIOMI S9
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