ASUS Zenpad 3S - The former flagship is available at a great price

TomTop action: now you can get the ASUS ZenPad 3S, a high-end tablet with a 9.7-inch retina display, launched by ASUS three years ago.

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 Z500M

The ASUS company name may be familiar to many, with many products available all over the world, present in almost every area via telephones, computing devices, monitors, but very little to hear about their tablets. This is no coincidence as only a few tablets have appeared in the company’s ZenPad series. These include the ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 tablet, also included in this promotion, which is the most successful piece of all.

The 9.7-inch, high-quality 2K (1536 x 2048 pixels) resolution is one of the strongest points on the tablet. The frame around the display is extremely narrow, with only the fingerprint reader at the bottom and the 5 MP self-timer camera and light sensor at the top.
The quality of the hardware hidden in the aluminum housing is age-appropriate, perfect for average use to this day. Despite its large screen, the device itself is compact (240.5 x 163.7 x 5.8 millimeters) and weighs only 430 grams.

ASUS Zenfone 3S
The six-core Mediatek MT8176 runs most applications without any problems, and thanks to the IMG GX6250 graphics unit, there will be no problem with newer games. It’s important to note that the hardware is nearly three years old, so the latest, more computationally intensive games can only be run in less detail.

In addition to the MediaTek system chip, we find 4 GB of system memory and 64 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded with a MicroSD card if needed.
Thanks to the economical hardware and the 5900mAh battery hidden under the back cover, the operating time is enough for about 10 hours of continuous use. While charging, you can take advantage of Quick Charge 3.0, so you don't have to wait long for a full charge when you're networked.

Rear-panel and front-facing cameras are especially good among tablets, as the 5 MP front and 8 MP rear imaging devices offer above-average resolution and quality.

The sound world of the ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 is excellent, the SonicMaster 3.0 combines multiple audio technologies, and its dual, five-magnet speakers, powered by the powerful NXP Smart AMP, have adequate volume and above-average quality. With the DTS Headphone X, you can get up to 7.1 virtual surround sound when listening to music content.

The tablet also supports dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and Miracast. We can also use the device for navigation: with the help of GPS and Glonass satellites, we can achieve quite accurate positioning.

The special feature of the tablet is that it also supports stylus input, with the optional Z Stylus you can draw or take notes, either with a regular pencil or just a ballpoint pen.

The ZenPad 3S is pre-installed with an Android 6.0 system, which is a bit outdated in 2020, so this can definitely be described as a negative. If you are bothered by the old system, you should visit the Tablets section of our site, where you can choose from a number of up-to-date devices with Android.

The high-performance 64GB ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 can be ordered from TomTop for $259.99 with optional Duty Free shipping.

You can access the offer here:

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)
TomTop promotion
Price: 259,99 USD
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