Apods wireless earpods are available for sale

Now you can order great-value wireless headphones in the special promotion of the GeekBuying Webshop. The two bluetooth earphones from the Apods brand can boost the market at the entrance level.

There are two products in the sale: Apods i10 and Apods i12. In addition, discount prices apply not only to Chinese warehouse models, but also to stocks in Germany and Poland. So if you want to get your Apods ears fast, you can get it within a week for a little extra shipping cost.

Apods i12 TWS Bluetooth Wireless EarBuds (Upgraded edition)

Anyone who is not too expensive but is looking for a good quality Bluetooth earbuds is an excellent choice for the Apods i12, an updated model of Apods 12.

The i12 has an outstanding RealTek 8763 BFR chip that provides better, more stable wireless connectivity. The new chip promises almost one and a half times faster connectivity than its predecessors. Thanks to the fast processing of the processors and efficient audio compression, Apods i12 is capable of producing clearer, deeper sound than average products.

Earphones are not connected by wire, so they can be used either alone (monoural) or in pairs (binaural). Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables faster data transfer, more stable connectivity, and much lower power consumption.
High Purity Graphene Diaphragm applied to converts almost all of its energy into sound and so is extremely efficient. Powerful Neodymium Iron Boron provides outstanding flexibility, details sound quality and sound field positioning accuracy.

There is also a case for the headset, which is also a charging station. After being taken out from the charging case, the earbuds are automatically on. Pair once and it will pair automatically with your device after being out from the charging case next time. 

Charging is very simple, just putting the device back in the case and charging automatically. The Apods i12 dock in the second edition has a 50mAh larger battery than its predecessor (350mAh). The units are 35mAh each, so after one hour of charging, it takes up to 4 hours to listen to music.

On the edge of the units, there is a touch-sensitive interface through which we can adjust the volume or control our music.

In the GeekBuying promotion, Apods i12 is available for just $ 25.99 for free, free airmail delivery. $ 28.99 ordered from a warehouse in Germany. In addition, 2 orders of silicone gift boxes (original price of $ 6.99) are added to each order. In case of ordering in Germany, an additional amount is to be paid for UPS transportation.

Offers are available here:

CN Warehouse - 25.99 USD

EU Warehouse - 28.99 USD

Apods i10 TWS Bluetooth EarBuds

GeekBuying's offer also includes Apods i10, which is a bit cheaper than i12, but still a good choice for those who want to buy an entry-level wireless earbuds.

I10 has a lot of features like i12: Bluetooth 5.0 for devices, with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, this model has no wiring between the two units. Thanks to its smart touch buttons, you can easily manage your music player or even receive, reject incoming calls.

The case itself is ergonomically designed for the i10, so you don't have to worry about slipping out of your ears while moving.

Compared to i12, the docking box has a slightly smaller 300mAh battery, and the units themselves have a little less charge. With one charge, you can enjoy about 2 hours of music listening or 2 and a half hours of talk.

Further differences can be found in the frequency range (20-20,000 Hz), resistance (16 Ohm) and system chip (Actions 3003). 

The price of Apods i10 during the promotion period is only $ 18.99 ordered from China, free shipping free of duty and VAT. If we choose an EU warehouse, then the price for a headset is only $ 19.99, but here we have to count on the European UPS shipping charge.

You can find the products on the store page:

CN Warehouse - 18.99 USD

EU Warehouse - 19.99 USD
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