Blackview A80 Pro limited-time offer: get one at only $79.99

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Blackview's hotly-anticipated quad camera budget king A80 Pro finally kicks off its global sale last Friday. It's now exclusively available on AliExpress, snap-up price as low as $79.99 before Dec.4. Before you head over to buy it, we find out its most competitive rival, Redmi 8A.
Here is a comparison between Blackview A80 Pro and Redmi 8A.

Blackview A80 Pro


On the front, you could not see a noticeable difference between the two phones. Both comes with slim bezel and waterdrop-like screen where a front camera is located on the top (Redmi 8A has a smaller one). On the back, they differ vastly in style. If you prefer the asymmetric aesthetics with more personalities, we suggest you go for the Blackview A80 Pro. On the rear back, Blackview A80 Pro's upper left side locates a quad camera set. Next to a fingerprint sensor in the middle. If you're not into this type, then you may be impressed by the Redmi 8A with symmetric beauty. The rear camera and the logo are arranged up vertically in the middle. The edges and corners are rounder.


In this duo, the Blackview A80 Pro boasts a 6.49" big display with 1560 x 720 higher pixels while the Redmi 8A sports a 6.22" display with 1520 x 720 pixels. Undoubtedly, the Blackview A80 Pro's bigger screen of higher resolution is more popular and has a significant advantage especially in playing games or watching videos. Besides, the Blackview A80 Pro has a LED indicator for notification, which is more user-friendly. In addition, it's worth to note that the two phones' screens are combined with advanced in-cell technology for a better visual experience.


The Blackview A80 Pro is powered by MediaTek chipset, while the Redmi 8A is fueled by Qualcomm chipset. In terms of the chip manufacturer, the two phones are really locked in a tight battle. To dive deeper, the Blackview A80 Pro's chipset is MediaTek Helio P25 Octa-core, coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, and the Redmi 8A is Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 439, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM. If you can't figure out which is better, the AnTuTu benchmark from the video would give you an answer: 96K+ score on Blackview A80 Pro, 91K+ score on Redmi 8A. As regard to the operating system, Blackview A80 Pro runs Android 9 without bloatware, while the Redmi 8A runs Android 9, MIUI 11.

Another point you should not neglect is that Blackview A80 Pro supports global LTE bands while Redmi 8A doesn't, which makes the former even more friendly for global travellers or businessmen.


In terms of the camera, the Blackview A80 Pro's rear main lens is Sony® 13MP, assisted with another triple sub-cameras while the Redmi 8A's rear main lens is 12MP. According to the specs alone, the Blackview A80 Pro is the clear winner. But it is difficult to say which phone's camera is better since software optimization is also very important and we don't have the real pictures made by both phones. As to the front camera, both come with a 8MP lens.


When comes to battery, the Redmi 8A definitely is better with a 5,000mAh battery while the Blackview A80 Pro equips with a 4,680mAh battery. In addition, the Blackview A80 Pro supports 10W charging while the Redmi 8A supports 18W fast charging but it's pity that Redmi 8A includes a 5V/2A charger in box. This means the user gets only 10W charging with its charger.


In the global market, the Blackview A80 Pro started its open sale from $79.99 last Friday, valid before Dec.4. Redmi 8A is priced at $149.99. The Redmi 8A is almost two times more expensive than the Blackview A80 Pro while it's not two times better than the latter. Overall, considering the actual price and specifications, the Blackview A80 Pro is clearly a smartphone with a higher value for money thanks to its great display, incredible cameras, amazing hardware and very affordable price. Another big news -- Blackview runs a Cyber Monday big promotion on Amazon covering 10 incredible phones, up to 20% off. Don't miss the chance.

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Blackview has also released a comparative video of the two phones to see what the new Blackview A80 Pro mobile can do, both externally and at speed.

The main specifications of Blackview A80 Pro and Xiaomi Redmi 8A:

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