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Popular Xiaomi phones on sale at Banggood store

August is also about Xiaomi coupon deals, this time we picked the best deals from the Banggood web store. Products include the manufacturer's most popular phones of this year, such as the Xiaomi Mi 9T or the recently released Xiaomi Mi A3.

KUGOO S1 and KUGOO S1 Pro electric scooters in coupon sale

KUGOO's great value electric scooters, the KUGOO S1 and KUGOO S1 Pro, are back in the coupon offer, plus every order now comes with TWS wireless bluetooth headsets.

OPPO Realme 3 Pro - Best gaming phone for just $200

OPPO Realme 3 Pro is an excellent budget phone that can finally succeed in the international market. With its outstanding value for money, the Realme 3 Pro is the real rival to the popular Redmi Note 7.

KUGOO G-Booster - Folding Electric Scooter with 800W Dual Motor

The GeekBuying webshop awaits customers with another special offer, this time with KUGOO's most powerful electric "scooter", the KUGOO G-Booster. And now every order comes with gifts.

UMIDIGI X Launched with True Wireless Earbuds Upods

After plenty of teases and leaks in recent days, UMIDIGI finally launched the new value king UMIDIGI X with in-screen fingerprint sensor and 48MP AI triple camera today, along with the company’s new true wireless earbuds Upods.

Xiaomi Mi A3 and other popular phones on GearVita - Coupons and deals

Fortunately, we can enjoy the special offers of various Chinese webshops in the summer. This time, we're showing you some of the latest coupon deals from the GearVita store, where you can get the recently launched Xiaomi Mi A3 mobile for a much cheaper price.

Wireless headphones at great prices at GeekBuying

A lot of wireless headphones have been discounted this week by GeekBuying. Coupon offers include the popular Xiaomi products as well as Apods and QCY headphones.

UMiDigi X - Global Launch with Upods on August 5

As the tech giant Apple reportedly is also working on in-screen fingerprint sensor for future iPhone, it suggests that the in-screen fingerprint unlock is indeed a future trend. UMIDIGI X will be launched soon on next Monday(5th August) along with the company’s latest true wireless earbuds called Upods.

Xiaomi Mi A3 - One step forward, two steps back

The Xiaomi A series has been updated with a new model: the Xiaomi Mi A3 has arrived, of course with Android One. A new member of the series is the European version of the Mi CC9e, which already available in China, with its strengths and weaknesses.

Sharp Aquos S2 - Compact size, great low-budget smartphone

Sharp Aquos 2, a Sharp compact phone, is a great bargain. Nowadays, the widespread, gigantic display, almost tablet-sized phones, barely find anything that is of normal size. Fortunately, the Sharp Aquos 2 (C10) is an exception and your knowledge is not negligible.

Honor Band 5 - With blood oxygen monitor against Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Honor's latest smart bracelet, Honor Band 5, is now available, which the manufacturer apparently wants to defeat the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 4. For sure, the price has already been bundled under Mi Band 4, and the blood oxygen meter is definitely a great feature.

Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch - Order Now for just $140

Xiaomi recently announced its latest smart watch, the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR, or officially the Huami Amazfit GTR. The new watch has up to 24 hours of battery life. You can buy the new Amazon smart watch, GearBest, for an introductory promotion for only $ 139.99. We've also found some great smart watches and bracelet deals for you.

The Oukitel Y4800 with 48MP camera is now on sale

Oukitel's first camera phone, the Oukitel Y4800 with 48 MP rear camera, is now available for purchase. Now you get extra free gifts with your orders.

UMiDigi X - Protective Sticker Leaked with Key Specs

Chinese manufacturer UMIDIGI is working on a new cost-effective smartphone UMIDIGI X, following its hot selling UMIDIGI A5 Pro. UMIDIGI X is expected to be the most affordable smartphone equipping with the latest generation in-screen fingerprint sensor and 48MP AI triple camera. Now, a new leaked protective sticker has surfaced on Facebook indicating the key specs of UMIDIGI X.

Cubot Quest - Review - Affordable rugged phone for everyone

The Cubot Quest water, dust and shock-resistant phone has just been launched two months ago, but soon became popular among customers. It was not a question of getting one to make a review and find out if Cubot's new strapamobile is really a good choice.

Crazy Xiaomi Summer Sale at GearBest

The GearBest store didn't want to miss this year's big Xiaomi Sale, so this week it launched a special promotion page for the most popular Xiaomi products. In addition, the popular EU Priority Line mode of transport has become available again.

UMiDigi 2019 Holiday Sale is Coming Soon (Sponsored)

UMIDIGI Holiday Sale Coming Soon on July 15 Amazon Prime Day, US$60 OFF for its Flagships! With Amazon Prime Day 2019 scheduled to start Next Monday July 15, the Chinese manufacturer UMIDIGI is going to have the UMIDIGI Holiday Sale from July 15 with great discounts and its new smartwatch Uwatch2 open sale.

Buy KUGOO S1 Pro Electric Scooter For Just $349.99 (Coupon)

If you are bored with public transport or do not want to sit in a traffic jam, or are simply interested in technical innovations, then the KUGOO S1 Pro electric scooter is designed for you. Extremely economical and fast, you can get anywhere you want, and now you can get a coupon less expensive.

Huawei P30 Lite - An excellent choice for mid-range

When Huawei P30 Lite was released, it exploded the mid-range mobile market without question. Luckily, the price has dropped a lot in the past half a year, so today it is one of the best deals in the middle segment.

Cool Xiaomi phone deals in several webshops as well

Fortunately, there are no stops in foreign stores in the summer, and there are plenty of cool things to do in the days. For special coupon deals, we mainly buy Xiaomi phones at discounted prices.

UMiDigi X - First UMiDigis In-Screen Fingerprint Unlock phone

The Chinese manufacturer UMiDigi is going to launch a new phone, UMiDigi X, following its hot selling triple camera phone UMiDigi A5 Pro. Now, a new poster of UMiDigi X leaked to show off that it will be arriving with an in-screen fingerprint reader, which is a high-end flagships feature.

Buy now a KUGOO electric scooter and get 30 USD back

The KUGOO electric scooter can be bought again in an exciting coupon. Now, after every order, $30 will return in cashback coupon. It's a good idea to hurry, because the action is only valid for a few days.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Buy it now in coupon deal

Just last week, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the newest Xiaomi bracelet, was released. At the GeekBuying store, you can order a great device now for $32.99.

UMiDigi A5 Pro - Good on paper

UMiDigi has upgraded its entry-level devices, including the new UMiDigi A5 Pro. A device with very good paper parameters can be ordered in action for only 93,99 USD.

GeekBuying 7th Anniversary Sale Continues

GeekBuying's crazy birthday action continues, this week you can buy lots of products at a lower price. In the promotion you can find phones, tablets, notebooks, electric scooters and many other exciting devices. We have selected some of these from you.

Mid-Year Mega Sale in the GearBest Store

GearBest launched this year's Mid-Year Mega Sale to get lots of products under the initially announced price. There are lots of Xiaomi phones in the promotion, but we find TV boxes, smart watches, projectors and many other exciting products.

Warming up for the 7th birthday of GeekBuying

This summer, GeekBuying is celebrating its seventh birthday. While we have to wait for huge birthday discounts, we can benefit from warm-up actions.

Apods wireless earpods are available for sale

Now you can order great-value wireless headphones in the special promotion of the GeekBuying Webshop. The two bluetooth earphones from the Apods brand can boost the market at the entrance level.

Buy Ulefone Armor 6e just for $199.99

Ulefone has updated its Ulefone Armor series this year. This time the manufacturer has not only improved the appearance, but the Ulefone Armor 6e, which is an excellent value for money, is finally in the hardware. In addition, the latest Ulefone model can be ordered much cheaper than the original price in TomTop's action.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Promotion at TomTop Webshop

TomTop's online store now offers you a much less expensive Xiaomi 4G tablet, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. The eight-inch device is lightning fast and the SIM card slot allows you to access the Internet anytime, anywhere.

Xiaomi Hey + Smart Bracelet can be ordered with great promotions

In the second half of last year, Xiaomi Hey+, the successor to the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 3, appeared. You can now buy a smart device with an excellent value for money at a coupon price of 39.99 USD.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE promotion at GeekBuying

The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE phone is one of the most successful products of the past period. This is not surprising, as the high-speed mobile with lightning-fast hardware is a great choice for under 300 USD.

OnePlus 7 Pro - The 2019 OnePlus flagship can be pre-ordered with 90Hz display

OnePlus scooped off just two days ago of the two newest models of OnePlus 7 and One Plus 7 Pro. The first webshop offers have already arrived. The phones with special display and superb camera capabilities can be ordered in advance before the official store appearance.

Today deals: Xiaomi and Redmi AirDots earphones

There are plenty of great deals this week in many webshop stores, where you can buy great-value Xiaomi and Huawei earphones and smart watches. For example, Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, Mi Band 3, or Honor Band 4 can provide you with excellent coupon codes.

UMiDigi Power is available for just $139.99 in Banggood promotion

UMiDigi's latest mobile phone, UMiDigi Power with great value, can be purchased in Banggod promotion. Originally the phone cost 199.99 USD, but now you can buy it for $ 139.99.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro - A worthy successor

Last year, many people were disappointed with the introduction of the Redmi Note 6 Pro. The negative criticisms of users and the profession seem to have been taken seriously by Xiaomi. This year, not only the design changed in Note 7 Pro, but it also improved in hardware.

Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE promotions in several webshops

In many stores, we have great deals on Xiaomi's two latest high-end mobile phones, Xiaomi Mi 9 and Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. Promotional stores can now get popular models up to 10-20% cheaper.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE and other special drone deals at Banggood Store

There were plenty of exciting action this week on Banggood. Discounted products include Xiaomi's high-end drone, FIMI X8 SE, and mid-range FIMI A3. Of course, there are many other drone models with a great value for money.
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