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In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, OnePlus has consistently positioned itself at the forefront of innovation, delivering high-performance devices that cater to the demands of tech enthusiasts and casual users alike. The latest addition to their impressive lineup, the Oneplus Ace 3 Pro, is a testament to this commitment. Priced at an attractive €503, and available at Gshopper with a special coupon code (gshopper100), this flagship device combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to offer an unparalleled user experience.

Buy OnePlus Ace 3 Pro
Price: €503
Coupon code: gshopper100

oneplus ace 3 pro

Unleashing Peak Performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8

At the heart of the Oneplus Ace 3 Pro lies the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship chipset. Built on TSMC’s advanced 4nm process, this powerhouse promises blazing fast speeds and robust performance, making it perfect for both everyday tasks and intensive gaming sessions. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3’s capabilities are reflected in its impressive AnTuTu benchmark score of 2,326,659, highlighting a 30% increase in CPU performance and a 25% boost in GPU efficiency over its predecessor.

snapdragon 8 gen 3

This chipset is further enhanced by OnePlus’ proprietary “Tide Architecture,” which dynamically allocates resources to ensure smooth performance even under heavy loads. This results in a 9.4% improvement in performance for similar platforms and scenarios.

Gaming Excellence with Dedicated Graphics Chip

For avid gamers, the phone features an esports-grade independent graphics chip designed to deliver an unmatched gaming experience. Supporting a stunning 120 frames per second at a 1.5K resolution, this chip ensures that games run smoothly with vivid, high-definition visuals. The 120Hz refresh rate and HDR 3.0 technology elevate the gaming experience, offering crisp, detailed, and immersive gameplay.

With optimized game settings, users can enjoy stable frame rates and reduced power consumption, making marathon gaming sessions more enjoyable. Titles like “Honor of Kings” and “Genshin Impact” run flawlessly, maintaining high frame rates and rich graphics without compromising battery life.

Massive Memory and Storage for Uninterrupted Use

The device comes equipped with a staggering 24GB of LPDDR5X RAM, ensuring that multitasking is seamless and apps remain responsive even with heavy usage. This is complemented by up to 1TB of UFS 4.0 storage, which not only provides ample space for apps, games, and media but also enhances read/write speeds, ensuring that the device performs smoothly over long periods.

With OnePlus’ innovative memory gene recombination technology, the device can handle multiple background applications effortlessly, providing a consistent and fluid user experience. This technology significantly reduces CPU load for memory management by 90% and decreases frame drop rates in heavy load scenarios by 50%.

Long-lasting Battery with Superfast Charging

One of the standout features of the phone is its 6100mAh glacier battery, which uses the latest silicon-carbon technology to offer exceptional energy density. This results in an impressive battery life that can last up to two days on a single charge, making it ideal for users who are always on the go.

When it comes to charging, the 100W SuperVOOC S charging technology ensures that the battery can be fully charged in just 36 minutes. This fast charging capability is coupled with advanced power management features that optimize battery health and longevity, ensuring that the device remains reliable even after years of use.

Stunning Visuals with the 1.5K Orient Screen

The device’s display is a visual treat, featuring a 1.5K Orient Screen with an 8T LTPO technology that offers smooth and power-efficient performance. The screen’s high resolution of 2780×1264 pixels and 450 PPI density ensures sharp and vibrant visuals, making everything from watching videos to playing games a delightful experience.

oneplus ace 3 pro - display

This display also incorporates advanced eye protection technology, reducing harmful blue light and flicker to minimize eye strain during prolonged use. With a peak brightness of 4500 nits, the screen remains clear and readable even under direct sunlight.

Capture Every Moment with Sony’s Flagship Camera

Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the ONEPLUS ACE 3 PRO’s camera system, which features a 50MP Sony IMX890 main sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS). This flagship sensor captures stunningly detailed and vibrant images, even in challenging lighting conditions. The device also includes a 4cm macro lens for close-up shots and a 112° ultra-wide-angle lens for expansive landscape photos.

oneplus ace 3 pro - sony imx890

The camera system benefits from OPPO’s advanced imaging algorithms, delivering professional-grade results with features like Pro XDR display, live photo capabilities, and AI-enhanced group shots. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking scenery or intricate details, the ONEPLUS ACE 3 PRO ensures every shot is picture-perfect.

Premium Build with Exquisite Design

The device is not just about performance; it also boasts a premium build that exudes elegance and durability. The device is available in a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass, and vegan leather, each offering a distinct and refined tactile experience. The ultra-streamlined 3D glass back, provides enhanced drop and scratch resistance, ensuring the phone maintains its pristine look over time.

The design takes inspiration from high-performance sports cars, showcasing fluid aerodynamic lines and a seamless, unified color scheme. The attention to detail extends to the ergonomic 3D arc design and the flagship metal frame, which offer a comfortable grip and a luxurious feel.

Enhanced User Experience with ColorOS 14

Running on the latest ColorOS 14, the phone offers a smooth, intelligent, and user-friendly interface. This operating system includes over 200 practical features, such as enhanced animation effects, application cloning, call recording, and ad-blocking, making the smartphone experience more intuitive and efficient.

ColorOS 14 also introduces advanced AI capabilities, such as AI document scanning, AI-powered English tutoring, and real-time voice transcription, making it a powerful tool for both work and play.


The OnePlus Ace 3 Pro is a remarkable smartphone that combines top-tier performance, innovative features, and elegant design to deliver a comprehensive and satisfying user experience. With its powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, dedicated gaming graphics, massive memory and storage, long-lasting battery, stunning display, and advanced camera system, it stands out as a flagship device that caters to all your needs.

Priced at €503 and available at Gshopper with the coupon code gshopper100, the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro offers exceptional value for its cutting-edge features. Whether you’re a gamer, a photographer, or simply someone who appreciates high-quality technology, this smartphone is sure to exceed your expectations.

Buy OnePlus Ace 3 Pro
Price: €503
Coupon code: gshopper100


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