Sculpfun iCube Series – Revolutionizing DIY Engraving with Precision and Power

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Sculpfun introduce the ultimate portable laser engraver for DIY enthusiasts, the Sculpfun iCube Series. This innovative series boasts two models, the SCULPFUN iCube 3W Laser Engraver and the SCULPFUN iCube Pro 5W Laser Engraver, both designed to bring precision and versatility to your crafting endeavors. Available for global launch on the GeekBuying webstore, these devices are priced competitively, starting from just €149. Let’s delve into the features that make these laser engravers stand out in the market.

SCULPFUN iCube 3W Laser Engraver:

The iCube 3W laser engraver sets the standard for precision and speed in the world of portable laser engraving devices. Equipped with a 3W diode laser featuring a 0.02mm ultra-fine laser focus, it delivers super fine engraving abilities capable of presenting high-definition images. The machine’s high-speed engraving capability, powered by a 32-bit motherboard, reaches an impressive speed of 10000mm/min.

sculpfun icube

One of the standout features of the iCube is its smoke filtration system, allowing users to engrave and cut without the need for an enclosure. This system efficiently filters smoke generated during the engraving process, making it suitable for use in office or home settings. The laser engraver supports multiple connection methods, including mobile phone and computer system connections, providing flexibility for users with various devices.

Safety is paramount, and the iCube addresses this with a temperature alarm function. If the internal temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, the machine automatically stops and emits a buzzer alarm, ensuring user and equipment safety. The fully enclosed acrylic eye protection shield adds another layer of safety, allowing users to observe the engraving process without the need for goggles.

high speed engraving

The unique semi-open structure design of the iCube eliminates size limitations for engraving objects. Users can place objects inside the machine or position the machine on the surface of larger objects, opening up a myriad of creative possibilities. Additionally, the replaceable laser lens feature extends the service life of the laser, providing durability that surpasses general lasers.

The SCULPFUN iCube 3W Laser Engraver is available for €149 after applying the coupon code: ICUBE3.

Sculpfun iCube Pro 3W Laser Engraver
Price: €149
Coupon: ICUBE3

SCULPFUN iCube Pro 5W Laser Engraver:

Building on the success of the iCube 3W, the iCube Pro 5W laser engraver takes precision and power to the next level. Featuring a 5W diode laser with a 0.06mm ultra-fine laser focus, this model offers enhanced cutting penetration and engraving precision. It can cut up to 10mm soft board, 6mm acrylic, and engrave ceramic and stainless steel.

sculpfun icube pro

Similar to its counterpart, the iCube Pro operates with a 32-bit motherboard, achieving an engraving speed of 10000mm/min. The smoke filtration system, multiple connection methods, temperature alarm function, and enclosed eye protection shield remain key features, ensuring a consistent and safe user experience.

smoke filtering system

The iCube Pro, with its semi-open structure design, continues to allow users to engrave objects without size limitations. The 130x130mm engraving area accommodates a variety of creative projects. The replaceable laser lens feature adds value by extending the laser’s service life, making it a reliable tool for long-term use.

Priced at €189, the SCULPFUN iCube Pro 5W Laser Engraver offers additional power and precision for users seeking a step up in their engraving capabilities. Use the coupon code ICUBE5 to avail this special price.

Sculpfun iCube Pro 5W Laser Engraver
Price: €189
Coupon: ICUBE5


The Sculpfun iCube Series introduces a new era of portable laser engraving, combining precision, power, and safety features to cater to the diverse needs of DIY enthusiasts. Whether you choose the iCube 3W for its fine engraving abilities or opt for the iCube Pro 5W for enhanced cutting power, both models promise to elevate your crafting experience. With the global launch on GeekBuying and competitive pricing starting from €149, these laser engravers are poised to become indispensable tools for anyone passionate about turning their creative visions into reality. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring the ultimate portable laser engraver into your DIY toolkit.


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