With a faster processor and more memory: the FOSSiBOT F101 Pro rugged phone is available from €124.

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The FOSSiBOT F101 PRO rugged phone is currently on sale at GeekBuying for an enticing €124.99 with the coupon code FSF101PRO, this rugged smartphone redefines the expectations of what a smartphone can achieve.

The FOSSiBOT F101 rugged phone has been featured on our site before. For our visionaries, the mobile was extremely popular, as it was available for purchase for just €99 during its opening promotion. The newly released F101 Pro has a faster processor, more memory and back space. But the price is very low, you can order it now for a very good price in the GeekBuying launch promotion.

Price: €124.99
Coupon code: FSF101PRO


FOSSiBOT F101 Pro – Well worth the price

The F101 PRO, while inheriting the classic design of its predecessor, takes a giant leap forward by incorporating a functional secondary display. This innovative addition serves a dual purpose – offering multi-functionality and reducing power consumption.

FOSSiBOT F101 Pro - Secondary Display

This feature not only enhances the overall usability of the smartphone but also sets it apart from conventional designs. The secondary display opens up new possibilities for quick access to information, notifications, and efficient multitasking.

Octa-Core Processor for Exceptional Performance:

At the heart of the FOSSiBOT F101 PRO lies the entry-level MediaTek MT8788 octa-core processor, delivering exceptional performance for gaming, multitasking, and resource-heavy applications. The lightning-fast speeds provided by this processor ensure a smooth and responsive user experience, allowing users to navigate seamlessly through various tasks and applications.

Equipped with an octa-core processor, the F101 PRO boasts an impressive memory configuration – up to 15GB RAM (8GB + Up to 7GB Extended RAM) coupled with 128GB of internal storage. Paired with the latest Android 13 OS, this smartphone ensures fluid and fast performance, making gaming and multitasking a breeze. The substantial storage capacity caters to users who demand ample space for their apps, media, and files.

24MP Rear Camera & 8MP Front Camera

The phone raises the bar in smartphone photography with its 24MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The Samsung S5K2L8 24MP sensor, combined with a 5MP macro camera, enables users to capture stunning photos and videos. Whether snapping selfies or capturing the beauty of your surroundings, the F101 PRO ensures it immortalizes your memories with clarity and detail.

24MP Samsung AI Camera

This device is not just a smartphone; it’s a powerhouse designed to keep you connected and entertained throughout your adventures. With a massive 10600mAh battery, you can bid farewell to battery anxiety. The smartphone comes with 18W fast charging, ensuring you spend less time tethered to a charging cable and more time exploring the world around you.

Rugged Waterproof Design for Any Adventure:

Built with precision and adhering to strict IP68 & IP69K standards, the F101 PRO is a rugged marvel. It fearlessly resists the challenges of underwater exposure, high pressure, dust, drops, crashes, and extreme temperatures. This durability ensures that the F101 PRO is your reliable companion for any adventure, be it in the great outdoors or challenging work environments.

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of the phone’s 5.45-inch HD+ IPS display. The screen offers stunning clarity and lifelike colors, bringing every image, video, and app to life with remarkable precision. The compact yet vibrant display enhances the overall user experience, making it a joy to interact with the smartphone’s features and content.

Where to buy FOSSiBOT F101 Pro?

The F101 Pro rugged smartphone, currently available at the exclusive price of €124.99 with the coupon code FSF101PRO on GeekBuying, is more than just a device; it’s a testament to the marriage of durability and innovation. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a professional in a demanding work environment, or someone who simply values a smartphone that can keep up with an adventurous lifestyle, the F101 PRO is a compelling choice

Price: €124.99
Coupon code: FSF101PRO


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