Chuwi 2023 Black Friday promotions – laptops, tablets at great prices

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CHUWI has consistently delivered cutting-edge laptops that redefine the boundaries of performance and portability. As part of the Aliexpress Black Friday Sale, three stellar CHUWI laptops are now available at unbeatable prices, promising to transform your computing experience. Let’s delve into the features and capabilities of each, giving you the lowdown on why these laptops are must-haves.

1. CHUWI CoreBook X: Immerse Yourself in Boundless Vision

Black Friday Price: €329
Coupon: BF50 | Coupon ES: AEES50 | Coupon FR: AEFR50 | Coupon EU: 23AE50
Shipping from Spain
Link: CHUWI CoreBook X

The CHUWI CoreBook X takes visual immersion to new heights with its ultraslim bezel display. The three-sided design, with 5.8mm thin bezels, provides a near-borderless experience. The 2K display boasting a 100% sRGB color gamut ensures vibrant, crisp details, while the 3:2 aspect ratio is tailor-made for reading or writing.

Driven by the 12th Gen Intel Core i3-1215U processor, the CoreBook X packs a punch. With 2 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores, totaling 12 threads, this laptop delivers exceptional performance. The Intel Iris Xe graphics with a dynamic frequency of 1.2GHz ensures smooth running of mainstream games and applications.

Equipped with 16GB DDR4 and a spacious 512GB SSD, the CoreBook X handles multitasking effortlessly. Whether it’s office work or video editing, toggle between tasks without a hint of lag, boosting your overall efficiency.

Weighing just 2.99lbs, the laptop is a travel-friendly companion. Its ultralight chassis, combined with outstanding battery life of up to 8 hours, ensures you can concentrate on tasks wherever you are.

From the keyboard to the touchpad, every interaction with the CoreBook X is designed for comfort and productivity. The large PTP touchpad ensures smooth navigation, while the laptop’s extra-large battery supports system-level power management.

Featuring Intel AX201 WiFi6, the laptop ensures responsive performance with enhanced security and reliability, even in crowded environments. The full-function USB-C interface supports audio, video, data transmission, and PD2.0 fast charging.

Chuwi CoreBook X
Price: €329

2. MiniBook X N100: Power Packed in a Small Package

Black Friday Price: €256
Coupon: BF50 | Coupon ES: AEES50 | Coupon FR: AEFR50 | Coupon EU: 23AE50
Shipping from Spain
Link: MiniBook X N100

The MiniBook X N100, with its 10.51-inch full-screen design, is 20% smaller than similar notebooks, making it effortlessly portable. Ideal for business on the go, this laptop combines power and portability seamlessly.

Featuring a 10.51-inch high-definition screen with FHD resolution and ultra-narrow bezels, the MiniBook X delivers stunning visual enjoyment. The YOGA mode allows 360° folding, transforming it into a versatile two-in-one device.

Powered by the latest generation Intel Alder Lake-N100 processor, this laptop ensures high performance with low power consumption. The four cores and four threads, combined with the UHD Graphic core graphics card, deliver seamless 4K video and online gaming experiences.

The MiniBook X boasts a cooling system with a large turbofan, providing high-volume side air blow and intelligent speed control. This ensures optimal cooling efficiency, enhancing energy-efficient power management for a smooth user experience.

With 12GB LPDDR5 and a 512GB NVMe SSD, the MiniBook X offers fast multitasking, quick app switching, and rapid boot times. The unibody integrated body design ensures durability and a lightweight yet sturdy build.

The traditional full-size keyboard of the MiniBook X is designed for natural typing comfort and efficiency. The 3mm narrow bezels and large glass touch panel with multiple gesture operations enhance the overall typing experience.

Equipped with a full-featured Type-C port, the MiniBook X supports screen expansion, audio transmission, network connectivity, and more. It provides a versatile solution for connecting various peripherals and accessories.

Chuwi MiniBook X
Price: €329

3. CHUWI FreeBook N100: Unleash Creativity Anywhere

Black Friday Price: €289
Coupon: BF50 | Coupon ES: AEES50 | Coupon FR: AEFR50 | Coupon EU: 23AE50
Shipping from Spain
Link: CHUWI FreeBook N100

The CHUWI FreeBook N100 is designed for ultimate portability. With a 13.5″ Ultra HD 2K touch screen that folds 360° into a tablet, this laptop offers a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Driven by the latest generation Intel Alder Lake-N100 processor, the FreeBook N100 combines high performance with low power consumption. With a new Tremont micro-architecture and UHD Graphic core graphics card, it excels in various applications.

The FreeBook N100 incorporates a pure copper heat dissipation soaking plate module and innovative heat dissipation technology. This ensures quiet and stable operation, free from annoying noise, allowing you to focus on your work without distractions.

With 12GB LPDDR4 and a 512GB NVMe SSD, the FreeBook N100 achieves a perfect balance of performance and speed. Fast read and write speeds, coupled with fast boot times, contribute to enhanced office efficiency and entertainment experiences.

Crafted with #6061 aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the FreeBook N100 undergoes over 28 manufacturing processes, resulting in a lightweight yet sturdy body. The flexible hinge allows seamless switching between Notebook and Tablet modes, adapting to various usage needs.

Featuring a stylus with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, the FreeBook N100 allows you to paint, draw, and write with precision. Using the Microsoft MPP protocol, the stylus ensures a smooth and natural writing experience.

The FreeBook N100 comes equipped with 3 Type-C interfaces, supporting functions such as screen expansion, audio transmission, network connection, and more. This laptop provides a comprehensive solution for connecting and utilizing external devices.

The built-in 38Wh high-density polymer lithium battery ensures stable management of high-performance tasks, offering up to 8 hours of continuous use. Supporting PD fast charging, the device can charge from 0 to 70% in just one hour.

The FreeBook N100 supports the upgrade to Windows 11 OS, providing a redesigned UI design and new touch interaction mode. Additionally, it allows the use of native Android apps, offering an enhanced user experience.

Chuwi FreeBook N100
Price: €329

Seize the Opportunity: CHUWI Laptops on Black Friday Sale!

In conclusion, the CHUWI laptops available on the Aliexpress Black Friday Sale present a compelling combination of performance, design, and affordability. Whether you opt for the immersive display of the CoreBook X, the compact power of the MiniBook X N100, or the creativity-unleashing FreeBook N100, you’re guaranteed a laptop that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals – seize the opportunity to elevate your tech experience with CHUWI.


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