KTC H24V13 23.8-inch Gaming Monitor, 100Hz Refresh Rate and VA Panel is now available for €93.

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In Geekbuying’s November promotion, you can get the KTC H24V13 23.8-inch entry-level Gaming Monitor with 100Hz refresh, VA Panel, FreeSync & G-Sync compatibility for just €93.

KTC H24V13 Gaming Monitor

Let’s take a closer look at one of KTC’s cheapest monitors and see what it has to offer.

KTC H24V13 – 23.8 inch Gaming Monitor with 100Hz Refresh Rate

At the heart of the KTC H24V13 Gaming Monitor is its 100Hz high refresh rate. This feature alone significantly enhances your gaming experience. Compared to monitors with standard 60Hz refresh rates, the KTC monitor offers a smoother in-game camera movement. The result is a reduction in motion blur, providing gamers with a clearer view of the action. It effectively eliminates screen tearing, a common nuisance in fast-paced games, where the image appears to be “torn” due to the monitor’s inability to keep up with the fast-moving graphics.

100hz refresh rate

This high refresh rate ensures that every frame of your game is displayed without any hiccups, giving you the competitive edge you need. Whether you’re exploring the immersive landscapes of an open-world adventure or engaging in intense first-person shooter battles, the KTC H24V13 ensures that your gaming experience is free from distractions, allowing you to focus on the game.

Detailed Colors and Crisp Images

The KTC 23.8-inch Gaming Monitor offers more than just a high refresh rate; it’s also designed to deliver stunning visuals. With a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, this monitor ensures crisp and sharp images. The dynamic contrast ratio of 4000:1 enhances the depth and richness of colors, making the visuals truly pop. Gamers will appreciate the vivid and immersive gaming worlds brought to life on this display.

One standout feature of this monitor is its coverage of 104% of the sRGB color gamut. This means that it reproduces a wide range of colors, providing richer and more lifelike images. Whether you’re exploring the depths of a fantasy RPG or watching your favorite movies, the KTC H24V13 brings a level of detail and vibrancy that truly enhances your viewing experience.

ktc gaming monitor - detailed colors

Enjoy A Smooth Gaming Experience

To further elevate the gaming experience, the monitor is equipped with Adaptive Sync technology. This dynamic synchronization technology ensures that the monitor’s refresh rate matches that of your graphics processing unit (GPU). The result? A gaming experience free from delays, screen tearing, stuttering, or lagging, even during the most demanding in-game scenarios.

With Adaptive Sync, you can say goodbye to the frustrating issues that can hinder your gameplay. It provides seamless, tear-free visuals, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in the gaming world. This technology is your key to unlocking victory in gaming, as it ensures that your monitor keeps up with your gaming skills.

The monitor not only offers exceptional performance but also focuses on user comfort and convenience. It supports VESA wall mounting with a 100mm x 100mm pattern, giving you the flexibility to mount the monitor on your wall and free up valuable desk space. This is especially useful for those looking to create a sleek and clutter-free gaming setup.

easy mounting

In addition to wall mounting, the monitor also features ergonomic tilt adjustments. You can tilt the display from -5° to 15°, allowing you to find the most comfortable viewing angle for your gaming sessions. The ability to adjust the tilt ensures that you won’t have to compromise on comfort, no matter how long you game.

Protect Your Eyes

Gaming marathons can be incredibly immersive, but they can also strain your eyes if you’re not careful. The KTC H24V13 Gaming Monitor takes care of your visual comfort with its unique flicker-free technology. This technology keeps the visuals crystal-clear while effectively reducing the shift in blue light, which is known to cause visual fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

low blue light

The result is a monitor that not only delivers top-notch gaming performance but also looks out for your well-being. Whether you’re gaming, working, or simply enjoying some entertainment, this monitor ensures that your eyes stay comfortable, even during long hours of use.

Where to buy KTC H24V13 Gaming Monitor?

The KTC H24V13 23.8-inch gaming monitor is a very cheap monitor, but it has a lot of great features. With a high refresh rate of 100Hz, Adaptive Sync technology, vibrant colours and ergonomic features, this monitor is tailored for gamers who demand the best.

Geekbuying 11.11 Shopping Festival is the perfect opportunity to acquire this remarkable gaming monitor at an even more attractive price. With the coupon code HHH24V13, you can grab this technological gem for just €93. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal, and enhance your gaming setup with the KTC H24V13 Gaming Monitor today.

KTC H24V13 – Gaming Monitor
Price: €93
Coupon: HHH24V13


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