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Oppo has once again proven itself a pioneer in innovation with the Oppo Find N3 Flip. This groundbreaking folding phone, available for pre-sale on GizTop, is set to redefine the smartphone experience. At an introductory price of just $1649, and with an exclusive coupon code (OPN350) offering a $50 discount, this is a deal that tech enthusiasts won’t want to miss. But, the clock is ticking – the coupon code expires on October 30, 2023.

Buy OPPO Find N3 Flip
Price after coupon: $1649
Coupon code: OPN350

oppo find n3 flip

Oppo Find N3 – Pocket Portable: Fold to Fit

The device is designed to be pocket portable. Its foldable design fits seamlessly into the palm of your hand and slips effortlessly into your pocket. This folding phone is not just a piece of technology; it’s a lifestyle accessory that perfectly complements your on-the-go lifestyle.

The hinge design of the smartphone is nothing short of mesmerizing. With micro-carved detailing, it allows light and shadow to dance across its glossy, gem-like surface. This design element adds an extra layer of sophistication to the phone, making it not just a functional device but a piece of art.

oppo find n3 flip - fold to fit

The phone doesn’t just impress with its form; it shines with its function. The Cosmos Ring Design showcases the phone’s powerful cameras, adding a touch of sophisticated elegance. Your phone isn’t just a communication tool; it’s a statement of style and performance.

One of the many convenient features of the Oppo Find N3 Flip is the Alert Slider. With this slider, you can effortlessly switch between Silent, Vibrate, and Ring mode in a single step. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference in your daily smartphone experience.

Colors to Match Your Style

The phone is available in two stunning color options:

  • Cream Gold: This shade exudes natural elegance, with beautiful pale gold ripples that shimmer like sunlight on the sea. The luxurious details and touch and feel of this phone make it a must-have for those who appreciate timeless beauty.
  • Sleek Black: A modern twist on deep black, this variant features a matte metal interior and a glossy, ceramic-like exterior. It represents understated sophistication and a touch of mystery.

120Hz Screen – Unfold the Incredible

The phone boasts a 120Hz screen that offers an adaptive, immersive, and energy-efficient display. With added eye protection features, your visual experience remains comfortable even during extended use. Unfolding this screen is like stepping into a new world of vibrant colors and smooth interactions.

oppo find n3 flip - 120 hz display

The hinge on the device is a marvel of engineering. Crafted with aircraft-grade steel and an industry-leading water drop design, it ensures seamless folding, time after time. The hinge is designed to withstand 600,000 folds while maintaining a crease depth of less than 0.15mm, guaranteeing a durable and long-lasting performance.

Intuitive Cover Screen: A World in Miniature

The cover screen of the phone offers an intuitive, vertical design that mirrors the main screen. This innovative design allows for expertly tailored app adaptations and user-friendly shortcuts, creating the industry’s best cover screen experience.

With more than 40 essential apps accessible from your cover screen, you can stay organized, snap pictures, or switch up your tunes on the go. The Oppo Find N3 Flip is all about providing convenience and accessibility.

Replying to messages is a breeze with the quick reply feature. You can respond without unfolding your phone, thanks to options like speech-to-text, emojis, and typing. The Oppo Find N3 Flip streamlines your communication process, making it more efficient than ever.

Customize your cover screen widgets to display the information that matters most to you with a single tap. This feature offers faster access to your most important data, providing you with instant information at a glance.

Snap Up The Best Flip Camera: Triple Camera Treat

The N3 Flip is equipped with an impressive camera setup:

  • 50MP Flagship Wide-Angle Camera
  • 48MP Flagship Ultra-Wide Camera
  • 32MP Flagship Portrait Camera

These high-performance cameras ensure that you can capture stunning photos and videos effortlessly.

44W Flash Charge: Power in a Flash

The Find N3 Flip boasts the fastest charging capability ever. With 44W SUPERVOOCTM6 Flash Charge, you can get back to what matters most in no time. The 4300mAh large battery ensures that you can go about your day, whether you’re shopping, working, watching, or creating, without worrying about your battery life.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200: Power and Efficiency

The phone is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset, which offers a remarkable balance between performance and power consumption efficiency. This combination ensures smooth and efficient performance, allowing you to work seamlessly for longer periods.

The Oppo Find N3 Flip runs on ColorOS 13.2, a groundbreaking operating system that focuses on delivering an efficient, smart, and worry-free experience. It’s all about your comfort and simplicity, ensuring that your phone adapts to your needs and preferences.

Where to buy OPPO Find N3 Flip?

In conclusion, the Oppo Find N3 Flip is a testament to Oppo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of smartphones. With its stylish design, powerful features, and innovative folding technology, it’s a device that offers the best of both worlds. The introductory price of $1649 on GizTop, coupled with the exclusive coupon code (OPN350), makes it an even more attractive proposition. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a smartphone that’s not just a device but a statement of style and performance. Act fast – the coupon code expires on October 30, 2023.

Buy OPPO Find N3 Flip
Price after coupon: $1649
Coupon code: OPN350


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