AOKZOE A1 and AOKZOE A1 Pro Handheld Game Console Now on Sale – Save $200 on Your Order Now

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Two ultra-powerful handheld gaming consoles, the AOKZOE A1 and AOKZOE A1 Pro, are available for $200 off in the official Aliexpress promotion. Both handheld gaming consoles offer solid performance and easily compete with competitors such as the AYA NEO 2S, Steam Deck or even the ASUS Rog Ally. Why spend on an expensive gaming PC when you can play today’s latest games with these two palm-sized consoles.

aokzoe a1 promotion

At the AOKZOE official Aliexpress online store, you can now buy both of these excellent handheld game consoles at well below the original price. The AOKZOE A1 is currently $200 off at just $699, while the AOKZOE A1 Pro with much more powerful hardware is $959.

Price: $699

Price: $959

AOKZOE A1 – Handheld Gaming Console

Power and Performance Unleashed

At the heart of the device lies the mighty AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor, delivering unrivaled performance. Sporting the new framework, ZEN 3+, this processor boasts 16 MB of L3 Cache, 8 Cores, 16 Threads, and an impressive 4.7 GHz Max single-core frequency. The single-core performance surpasses that of the Ryzen 5000 series by an impressive 11%, while multi-core performance sees a whopping 28% improvement.

aokzoe a1 - ryzen 7 6800u

Gaming visuals come to life on the gaming console, thanks to its RDNA 2 Graphics framework. Equipped with 12 graphics cores, it offers a 2x graphics performance boost compared to the previous generation, with a staggering 2200 MHz Graphics frequency. Support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution and Radeon Rays ensures stunning graphics and lifelike details.

The AOKZOE A1 features an 8-inch display with a crisp 1920×1200 FHD resolution, boasting 283 pixels per inch (ppi). With DC Dimming and a wide color gamut, every pixel pops, providing an immersive gaming experience that’s second to none.

aokzoe a1 rdna 2

Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Control

Comfort and control are paramount in gaming, and the console excels in this department. Its ergonomic design includes a raised grip on the back, allowing fingers to naturally stretch when holding the device. The grip force is perfectly balanced, ensuring stable and comfortable gameplay even during long gaming sessions.

When it comes to gaming performance, precision matters. The handheld gaming console features e-sport inching bumpers and full-function analog triggers, offering precise stress sensing for excellent keypress response. Whether you’re executing complex combos or making split-second decisions, this console has you covered.

ergonomic design

Immersive Haptic Feedback

Gaming isn’t just about what you see; it’s also about what you feel. The AOKZOE A1 incorporates Dual Linear Resonant Actuators, providing realistic haptic feedback. In racing or fighting games, the console delivers different vibration effects based on game scenes and intensity levels, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The AOKZOE A1 comes preloaded with the genuine Windows operating system, giving you access to a vast library of games on platforms like Steam, Epic, and more. It’s also compatible with Steam OS, offering a rich and diverse gaming ecosystem for endless fun.

In conclusion, the AOKZOE A1 redefines the handheld gaming landscape with its powerful AMD Ryzen processor, stunning graphics, ergonomic design, precision controls, and immersive haptic feedback. This professional Windows handheld game console is a game-changer for gamers who demand top-tier performance and freedom in their gaming experience.

Price: $899

AOKZOE A1 Pro – Handheld Gaming Console

Power in your hands: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U

At the heart of the A1 Pro lies the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U CPU, boasting 8 cores, 16 threads, a 3.3GHz base clock, and a blazing 5.1GHz max clock rate. Utilizing a 4nm production process, 8MB L2 cache, and 16MB L3 cache, this processor sets a new standard for gaming performance. Say goodbye to lag and hello to seamless gameplay.

aokzoe a1 pro - ryzen 7 7840u

The AMD Ryzen 7-7840U processor is tailor-made for an exceptional gaming experience. With its efficient multi-core architecture and hyper-threading technology, it excels in handling complex game scenarios and intensive computing tasks. Powered by the cutting-edge Zen4 architecture, it effortlessly tackles the challenges posed by 3A games, delivering a smooth and exhilarating gaming experience.

Radeon 780M Graphics: Breaking the Graphic Barriers

Equipped with AMD Radeon 780M Graphics and RDNA 3 graphics architecture, the A1 Pro boasts 12 compute units (CUs) and 768 stream processors (SPs), alongside a generous 24MB cache. With a GPU frequency reaching up to 2700MHz, it’s a compelling choice for both gaming and content creation.

rdna 3

The A1 Pro’s 8-inch Full-HD IPS display features a vibrant 1920 x 1200 resolution, a brightness of 350, and an impressive 283 pixels per inch (PPI). These specifications guarantee breathtakingly clear and detailed images, replete with vibrant colors and striking contrast.

For the avid gamer, the device offers 32GB/64GB of LPDDR5X memory, clocked at a rapid 7500MHz frequency. This memory, working in harmony with the Radeon 780M GPU, ensures buttery-smooth gameplay, minimal lag, and swift load times, making it perfect not only for gaming but also for demanding productivity applications.

Lightning-Fast SSD and Portable Design

The A1 Pro boasts a PCIe 4.0 solid-state drive with NVMe protocol and M.2 2280 interface, providing an astonishing read speed of 7,109.76MB/s and a write speed of 6,316.21MB/s. This lightning-fast data transfer rate sets the stage for an unparalleled gaming experience.

aokzoe a1 pro - pcie 4.0

Designed with portability in mind, the console features a lightweight build and a long-lasting 65Wh battery. Weighing a mere 729g, this handheld powerhouse, coupled with the 65W GaN PD charger (upgradable to 100W), offers extended playtime and rapid charging, making it the ultimate choice for gaming on the go.

A1 Pro takes versatility seriously, with 1 USB 4.0 port, 1 USB 3.2 port, 1 USB 3.0 port, and 1 headphone jack. The USB 3.2 port on the bottom of the device accommodates docking stations, expanding the A1 Pro’s capabilities to adapt to various usage scenarios.

OneXConsole: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Experience a revolutionary software, OneXConsole, exclusively on the A1 Pro. This software allows you to adjust TDP, CPU, GPU, fan speed, motor vibration frequency, RGB lighting effects, resolution, automatic TDP, brightness, volume, game library, and memory cleanup, among other features. Notably, the Automatic TDP feature intelligently adjusts TDP based on gameplay demands, ensuring optimal frame rates while extending battery life.


Where to buy AOKZOE A1 Pro Gaming Console?

In conclusion, the A1 Pro gaming console is a tour de force in the world of handheld gaming. With its AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon Graphics, stunning display, and innovative features, it redefines the boundaries of portable gaming, setting a new standard for gaming enthusiasts and content creators alike.

Price: $959


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