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The Switchbot S10, the world’s first fully automated floor cleaning robot with an auto water refill and drain system. Let’s dive into the cutting-edge features that are transforming home cleaning and convenience.

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Switchbot S10 – Robot Vacuum cleaner
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Switchbot S10 – A True Hands-Free Cleaning Experience

The Switchbot S10 is a game-changer in the world of floor cleaning. It offers a genuine hands-free cleaning experience, much like a fully automatic washing machine. It handles everything from filling with water, washing, draining dirty water, spinning, and even drying, all without any manual intervention.

Switchbot S10

S10 takes convenience to the next level by powering its own Water Station, eliminating the need for wires and complex installations. You can place the Water Station anywhere with a water supply, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. The possibilities are endless.

Two-in-One Cleaning Power

The Switchbot S10 Floor Cleaning Robot combines the functions of a vacuum and a roller mop into one, ensuring spotlessly clean floors in your home. This innovative device frees up your time to engage in other activities, whether it’s baking cakes, saving the world, or both.

The S10’s built-in roller mop is not just a mop; it’s a self-cleaning wonder. It scrubs itself a remarkable 300 times per minute during cleaning to prevent the spread of dirt and grime in your home.

Vacuum cleaner is smart enough to lift its roller mop when it detects carpets, preventing any unnecessary mess. It goes the extra mile by continuing to spin, even after it stops spraying water, to ensure wet stains are thoroughly dried. Your precious carpets remain unharmed during the cleaning process.

Automatic Drying System

For added convenience, Switchbot has incorporated a drying system in the Auto Empty Station, which automatically dries the S10 roller mop once it completes its cleaning cycle.

S10 employs a newly designed air channel that allows for direct airflow, preventing hair clogs and ensuring better dust collection. It conveniently deposits collected dust into its 4L dust collection bag, requiring emptying only once every 70 days.

Thanks to the world’s first auto refill and drain system, S10 can also deliver clean water to the SwitchBot Humidifier 2, all with zero effort on your part.

Unmatched Suction Power

With a powerful 6500pa suction capability, the Switchbot S10 leaves no dust particle unchecked, even on thicker carpets.

The robotic vacuum cleaner doesn’t stop at cleaning prowess. It boasts advanced features such as LIDAR navigation, accurate cleaning maps for efficient cleaning, AI obstacle avoidance, and the ability to set no-go zones via the Switchbot app.

In conclusion, the Switchbot S10 and Switchbot Humidifier 2 represent a leap forward in home automation and convenience. With the S10, you can enjoy a truly hands-free cleaning experience, while the innovative features of both devices streamline your daily routines. Embrace the future of smart home technology with Switchbot and redefine your living space.


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