Premier: Wanbo Mozart 1 Smart projector available for pre-order for just $289.99

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The Wanbo Mozart1 Smart Projector stands out as a current projector on the market. With its exceptional features and an unbeatable coupon deal, it’s time to step into an era of unsurpassed visual clarity and audio enhancement.

Wanbo’s newest projector, the Wanbo Mozart 1, was launched just a few weeks ago and you can already buy it at a great price from Banggood.

Wanbo Mozart 1

The Wanbo Mozart 1 Smart projector is available at a great price of just $289.99, with a pre-order promotion from Banggood. The smart projector with 1080p resolution and 900 ANSI Lumens brightness is one of the best value for money projectors from the company, so it’s definitely worth a look for anyone looking to buy a projector right now.

Banggood Coupon Deal: Get the Wanbo Mozart 1 Smart Projector for Just $289.99

The Wanbo Mozart 1 proejctor is originally priced at $459.99, you can seize this opportunity to own this remarkable projector for just $289.99 with the coupon code: BGCZWBM. It’s a limited-time offer that you won’t want to miss.

Get Wanbo Mozart 1 Smart Projector
Coupon code: BGCZWBM
Price after coupon code: $289.99

Bright & Clear: A Visual Marvel

One of the standout features of the Wanbo Mozart1 is its impressive 900 ANSI lumens high brightness capability. This means that your room will be illuminated with superb picture quality, and every frame displayed will be exceptionally vibrant, featuring high-resolution details that provide a lifelike experience.

Pixel5Pro 5.0: Cutting-Edge Technology

The Wanbo Mozart 1 incorporates a full closed optical machine and a full-scene intelligent algorithm, known as Pixel5Pro 5.0. This technology represents a significant leap in projector capabilities, delivering a powerful and unparalleled viewing experience.

Wanbo Mozart 1 - PixelPro 5.0

When it comes to color accuracy, the Wanbo Mozart1 sets the bar high. With a professional cinema-level color gamut of 90% DCT-P3, it presents more realistic colors and clearer image quality. This is double the color gamut compared to projectors in its range.

Say goodbye to manual adjustments. The smart projector comes equipped with AutoFocus and AutoTrapezoid features, automatically calibrating focus for each scene and preventing distorted or skewed imagery.

16 points clear image quality across full range

High Resolution for Crystal-Clear Images

Picture quality matters, and the Wanbo Mozart1 delivers with its 1920x1080P full HD feature. This ensures crystal-clear images that bring every scene to life.

5 pieces of curved lens

Streaming your favorite content is a breeze with the integrated dual-band WiFi 6, providing faster and more stable wireless connections.

Audio quality is just as important as visuals, and the Wanbo Mozart1 doesn’t disappoint. With built-in 8W*2 speakers backed by ultrasonic magnetic diaphragm sound chamber technology, it delivers a powerful performance that easily fills a space of up to 60m2.

The latest Android 9.0 system equips the projector, delivering smoother operation, enhanced memory management, optimized speed, and improved application performance. It also comes with built-in video content from major mainstream platforms, providing a wealth of high-quality resources updated in real-time.

Mozart 1 - Netflix, HBO Now, Disney Plus

Wanbo Mozart 1 – Conclusion

Invest in the Wanbo Mozart 1 Full HD Projector and elevate your home entertainment expectations. Dive into the depth of crystal-clear imagery and savor every sight and sound in unprecedented detail and clarity. Transform your home into a mini-theater today and upgrade to the complete cinematic experience.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive Banggood coupon deal. Use coupon code BGCZWBM and make the Wanbo Mozart 1 Smart Projector yours for just $289.99, down from the original price of $459.99. Grab this opportunity now!

Get Wanbo Mozart 1 Smart Projector
Coupon code: BGCZWBM
Price after coupon code: $289.99


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