Wanbo X5 – 1100 Ansi Lumen, Native 1080p projector only for €237

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You can get the Wanbo home cinema projector with 1100 ANSI lumens, 1080p native resolution and Auto-keystone Correction at a very good price. The Wanbo X5, currently available at a fantastic deal on the Geekbuying webstore for €237 with the coupon code WANBOX5 (originally priced at €274.66), brings the magic of the big screen right to your living room.

Wanbo X5 projector
Coupon code: WANBOX5
Price after coupon: €237

Wanbo X5

Wanbo X5 – Immersive Visuals

The Wanbo X5 Projector redefines your viewing experience with its remarkable features. With a powerful 1100 ANSI Lumens brightness and Native 1080P resolution, this projector delivers stunning picture quality, boasting exceptional contrast, sharpness, and vivid color saturation. It’s like having your very own private cinema.

Wanbo X5 - 1100 ANsI

This projector goes above and beyond, supporting 4K content decoding and HDR10 technology, ensuring you enjoy the highest-quality visuals. The impressive contrast ratio of 2500:1 and a 50% increase in dynamic range offer a broad spectrum of light and dark details, creating an immersive and natural viewing experience.

Easy Setup

Say goodbye to manual adjustments and skewed images. The projector features an auto-focus function that ensures your content is perfectly in focus, while automatic keystone correction keeps your images rectangular, even when projected at an angle. This projector effortlessly adapts to your viewing preferences.

Auto Focus

With compatibility for Apple Airplay, Android, and Windows projection, the Wanbo X5 Projector allows you to effortlessly stream photos, TV shows, games, and online activities from your mobile device onto the big screen. Additionally, it runs on Android TV 9.0, providing access to a wide array of streaming services, apps, and games, all within an intuitive interface.

The Wanbo’s new projector employs cinema laser hall technology to elevate brightness, color, and contrast, resulting in more natural and realistic images with seamless color transitions. This technology takes your visual experience to new heights.

Smart Technology

The projector incorporates Wanbo’s self-developed AI vision algorithm system, ensuring instant auto-focus upon booting up. Furthermore, its advanced temperature control system and dual-vortex storm cooling channels enhance heat dissipation and reduce noise, allowing you to enjoy your viewing time in peace.

Wanbo X5 - Properties

In conclusion, the Wanbo X5 Projector is a game-changer in home entertainment, offering stunning visuals, easy setup, and seamless connectivity, all at an unbeatable price. Transform your living space into a private cinema and immerse yourself in the world of entertainment with the Wanbo X5 Projector.

You can buy the Wanbo X5 projector at a very good price from the GeekBuying webshop. The price of this excellent projector with coupon code is now only 237 euros. You can access the promotion here:

Wanbo X5 projector
Coupon code: WANBOX5
Price after coupon: €237


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