IIIF150 Brand Day 2023 – B2 and B2 Ultra rugged phone available from $99.99

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The IIIF150 Brand Day is an exclusive event hosted on the AliExpress platform by IIIF150, a well-known brand in the world of rugged smartphones. During this event, IIIF150 introduces exciting promotions and unveils its latest rugged phone models, the B2 and B2 Ultra from $99.99. The event takes place from September 6th to 9th, and it offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of significant discounts, with prices reduced by up to 50%.

Free Giveaway – Your Chance to Win a B2 or B2 Ultra Phone:

As part of the IIIF150 Brand Day celebration, IIIF150 Official Store is conducting a thrilling giveaway. Two lucky buyers have the chance to win either the B2 or B2 Ultra phone. To participate in this giveaway, you need to complete a series of steps:

  1. Follow the IIIF150 Official Store: Make sure you are following the official store on AliExpress.
  2. Add the Product to Your Wishlist and Cart: Select the IIIF150 product you desire and add it to your wishlist and cart.
  3. Leave a Message on the Promotion Page: Visit the promotion page on AliExpress and leave a message there.
  4. Share the Promotion on Social Media: Share the IIIF150 Brand Day promotion on any of your social media platforms.
  5. Take a Screenshot and Send It: Capture a screenshot of your shared post and send it to the staff. In return, you will receive a unique digital number.

IIIF150 Brand Day – Promotion Page
Aliexpress – Official IIF150 Store

It’s essential to note that this exciting giveaway event concludes on September 3rd, so be sure to complete these steps before the deadline.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the specifications of the two rugged phone models that are making their debut during the IIIF150 Brand Day event:

IIIF150 B2

IIIF150 B2

  • Display: 6.5-inch FHD+ (Full High Definition Plus)
  • Durability: Rugged Build
  • Night Vision: Equipped with Night Vision capabilities
  • Battery: Boasts a powerful 10,000mAh battery
  • Camera: Features a 48MP camera for high-quality photography
  • Operating System: Runs on Android 13
  • Memory: Offers ample 12GB of RAM (6GB+6GB Extended)
  • Storage: Provides generous 256GB of storage

The IIIF150 B2 makes its world premiere during the event and is offered at an exclusive price of $99.99 on AliExpress.

IIIF150 B2 rugged phone
Price: $99.99
IIIF150 Brand Day – Aliexpress

IIIF150 B2 Ultra

IIIF150 B2 Ultra

  • Battery: Features a massive 15,000mAh battery for extended usage
  • Display: Showcases an impressive 120Hz 6.78-inch display
  • Durability: Designed to withstand rugged conditions
  • Camera: Boasts an outstanding 200MP Micro-Motion Sensing Camera
  • Dual Display: Offers a dual-display setup for enhanced functionality
  • Memory: Equipped with 12GB of RAM
  • Storage: Comes with a generous 256GB of storage

The IIIF150 B2 Ultra, a rugged phone with advanced features, is also making its world premiere during the event and is available for just $199.99 on AliExpress.

In summary, the IIIF150 Brand Day on AliExpress offers customers an exclusive opportunity to explore and purchase the latest rugged phones, the B2 and B2 Ultra, at significantly discounted prices. Additionally, participating in the giveaway provides a chance to win one of these exceptional devices. Don’t miss out on this exciting event happening from September 6th to 9th, and seize the chance to upgrade your smartphone experience with IIIF150’s cutting-edge devices.

IIIF150 B2 Ultra rugged phone
Price: $199.99
IIIF150 Brand Day – Aliexpress


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