Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro – Stylish, Inside and Out – Now only $30.99 at Banggood

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The Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro offering a harmonious fusion of sleek aesthetics and advanced features. From its premium build to its cutting-edge technology, this device is poised to redefine the entry level smartwatch experience.

Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro

Prepare to be captivated by the Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro’s elegant design, which seamlessly melds form and function. Crafted from top-tier 316L stainless steel, its hand-polished frame exudes a sense of sophistication. The centerpiece is the vibrant 1.43-inch Ultra HD AMOLED display, boasting an impressive resolution of 466 x 466 pixels. This crystal-clear visual canvas presents information with impeccable clarity and detail.

Now you can buy Zeblaze’s latest smartwatch, the Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro, in an introductory offer. You can order the product for just $30.99 in the Banggood store with a coupon code.

Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro smartwatch
Coupon: BGGTR3Pro
Price after Coupon: $30.99

Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro – Premium Design, stylish inside and outside

The watch’s slim profile and light body provide exceptional comfort, and the durable yet comfortable liquid silicone strap ensures a snug fit. The watch’s water-resistant IP68 rating makes it ready for various environments. With dimensions measuring 45 mm by 45 mm and a mere 10.7 mm thickness, coupled with a weight of just 46.5 grams, the GTR 3 Pro epitomizes the perfect balance between substance and style.

premium artistic design

The Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro embraces individuality with its vast selection of over 300 stylish watch faces, allowing you to express your unique taste. The support for Always-on display ensures that your watch face is ready at a glance. The display’s remarkable 326 PPI and up to 1000 nit brightness, fortified by Corning Gorilla® Glass, guarantee an exceptional viewing experience in all lighting conditions.

Holistic Health Monitoring

The GTR 3 Pro is more than just a watch; it’s your partner in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wrist-based heart rate monitoring and SpO2 (Blood oxygen) measurement give you insights into your body’s performance. The watch also keeps a watchful eye on your sleep patterns, distinguishing between light, deep, and REM sleep stages. With a sleep score and insights, you can optimize your rest for improved well-being.

Track your health

Stay connected seamlessly with the GTR 3 Pro’s Hi-Fi Bluetooth phone call capabilities and offline voice assistant. Smart notifications for calls, texts, Gmail, and smartphone apps ensure you’re in the loop without needing to reach for your phone.

Boasting an impressive roster of over 100 professional workout modes, the GTR 3 Pro is your ultimate fitness companion. From running and cycling to indoor and outdoor sports, this watch tracks your activities with precision. Its all-day activity tracking keeps you motivated and informed about your progress.

100+ Workout Modes

The GTR 3 Pro’s robust 260mAh battery is designed for endurance. With up to 14 days of battery life under typical use and up to 5 days in heavy usage modes, the watch keeps pace with your dynamic lifestyle. The addition of a new battery saver mode optimizes power consumption. Recharging is a breeze, with a quick 1.5-hour charging time.

Where to buy the Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro smartwatch?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire the Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro at an incredible price. Thanks to a promotional offer from Banggood, you can make this advanced smartwatch yours for only $30.99, using the coupon code BGGTR3Pro. This deal presents exceptional value for an entry level device that seamlessly integrates style, functionality, and technology, elevating your everyday experiences.

Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro smartwatch
Coupon: BGGTR3Pro
Price after Coupon: $30.99


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