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You can order the Newsmy 210W foldable solar panel at a great price with a coupon. The 21% efficient solar panel with IP65 protection and 6 different connection options is now available for just €239.99 from GeekBuying’s European stock.

To purchase use this coupon code: 7MQCARMK

Buy Newsmy 210 W Solar Panel
Coupon: 7MQCARMK
Price after coupon: €239.99

Newsmy 210W Foldable Portable Solar Panel

The Newsmy 210W Foldable Portable Solar Panel emerges as a versatile and efficient solution for harnessing the power of the sun. This solar panel transforms sunlight into energy with remarkable efficiency. And making it a game-changer for both outdoor enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals.

Newsmy 210W

Let’s explore the features that make this solar panel a must-have for energy-conscious adventurers.

21% Conversion Efficiency: Embracing the Power of the Sun

Harnessing the energy of the sun more effectively than ever, the Newsmy 210W foldable solar panel boasts an impressive photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 21%. This technological feat is made possible through the integration of monocrystalline silicon stacking module technology.

Newsmy 210W - Portable Solar Panel

Portability Redefined: Convenient and Adaptable Design

Recognizing the importance of mobility, the Newsmy 210W solar panel offers a foldable design that redefines portability. Equipped with brackets on its rear, the panel can be adjusted to achieve the optimal angle for sunlight absorption.

Newsmy 210W - tiltable panels

Moreover, the convenience of transportation is elevated through the use of a magnetic suction cup that securely holds the folded solar panel together. Whether you’re embarking on outdoor expeditions or simply moving between locations, this solar panel ensures hassle-free mobility.

To ensure long-lasting performance, the Newsmy 210W solar panel is constructed with durability in mind. A transparent ETFE film shields the solar cells, providing superior protection against environmental factors.

durable EFTE material

This film not only enhances light transmission but also offers resistance against oxidation and scratches. Complementing this layer of protection, the back of the panel is crafted from composite material, effectively safeguarding it against water and dust. This holistic approach to durability ensures that the solar panel can withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Wide Compatibility: Power for Every Adventure

Versatility reigns supreme with the Newsmy 210W solar panel, which comes equipped with a 6-in-1 MC-4 adapter cable. This ingenious addition enables the solar panel to charge a wide range of power stations available on the market.

MC-4 6 in 1 adapter cable

Pairing the solar panel with a compatible power station guarantees a reliable energy source for all your outdoor activities, providing peace of mind and enhanced safety during your adventures.

Where can I buy the Newsmy 210W foldable solar panel?

The Newsmy 210W Foldable Portable Solar Panel transcends traditional energy solutions. It offering a sustainable and efficient means of powering your outdoor escapades. With its remarkable 21% conversion efficiency, portable design, durable construction, and wide compatibility, it’s an good investment.

Original price: €249.99; coupon price: €239.99.

Coupon code: 7MQCARMK

Buy Newsmy 210 W Solar Panel
Coupon: 7MQCARMK
Price after coupon: €239.99


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