Dual display Cubot KingKong Star 5G rugged phone now available for pre-order

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Not long ago, the Cubot KingKong Star 5G rugged phone with dual display was unveiled. We didn’t have to wait long for this special phone to be available for purchase. The 10600mAh, 6.78-inch phone is now available for just $266 on Aliexpress.

Cubot KingKong Star 5G
Price: $266
Cubot Official Aliexpress Store

Cubot KingKong Star 5G: Extra-strong, dual-display phone

At the core of the KingKong Star 5G lies the 7 nm MediaTek Dimensity 700 Octa-Core Processor, which ensures seamless performance, enhanced efficiency, and advanced capabilities. This processor serves as the beating heart of the device, enabling it to conquer tasks with unmatched ease.

Cubot KingKong Star 5G

Prepare to be astounded by the KingKong Star 5G’s 6.78″ 2K FHD+ (1080×2460) Screen. With an impressive resolution of 1080×2460 and a smooth 90Hz high refresh rate, this screen draws users into a world of immersive visuals.

Futuristic Back Cover: Innovation Redefined

The Technology Futuristic Back Cover transcends mere aesthetics – it’s a canvas for creativity and a portal for connectivity. By housing a captivating 1.09″ Customizable Rear Screen, this innovation empowers users to personalize their device, mesmerize onlookers, and stay connected in style. Moreover, the rear screen opens up a realm of possibilities, making every interaction with the device an experience worth cherishing.

Cubot KingKong Star 5G - Rear Screen

Bid farewell to limitations and embrace a world of multitasking with the phone 24GB RAM (12GB + 12GB Extended RAM). Seamlessly transition between applications, games, and tasks without encountering the slightest hiccup. This device is engineered to keep up with even the most demanding users, ensuring a fluid and uninterrupted experience.

With 256GB ROM that’s expandable up to 1TB, the phone ensures that you’ll never run out of space again. Your digital universe is now at your fingertips – store and archive every moment without the worry of compromising precious memories.

Triple SIM Tray Slots and big battery

The KingKong Star 5G offers the ultimate freedom with Triple Slots. That adeptly accommodate dual nano SIM cards and a TF card. This feature facilitates users in striking a balance between work and play, enabling them to connect with the world while maintaining their connectivity on their own terms. Moreover, by supporting 2G/3G/4G/5G, this smartphone stands ready to seamlessly keep pace with evolving connectivity standards.

Equipped with a massive 10600mAh battery, this rugged phone is poised to energize your adventures like never before. The 33W Fast Charging capability ensures that you’ll be up and running in no time, never missing a beat in your extraordinary journey. Offering an astounding 1251 hours of standby time, 76 hours of calling, 42 hours of music playback, and 17 hours of video playback, this smartphone is built to keep up with your non-stop lifestyle.

KingKong Star 5G - 10600mAh Battery

The device ushers in a new era of photography with its 100MP Ultra-HD Triple Camera setup. Step into the shoes of a professional photographer and capture the world in breathtaking detail. And when the sun sets, the 24MP Night Vision Camera with a 1A LED flashlight and 2 infra-red LEDs takes you on a journey into the realm of nighttime photography, revealing wonders unseen.

No need to fear your phone, wherever and whenever you are

With an IP68/IP69K rating, the KingKong Star 5G fearlessly faces any environment. Whether it’s scorching deserts or freezing landscapes, this smartphone remains steadfast, withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from -35°C to 75°C. Notably, its resilient build ensures that it’s fully prepared to tackle the elements head-on.


Embrace the future with NFC technology, which brings forth seamless contactless payments, content sharing, and device connectivity. This innovative technology serves to streamline your digital life, enabling you to effortlessly stay in sync and simplify your interactions within the digital world.

Running on the latest Android 13, the KingKong Star 5G elevates your smartphone experience. Enhanced security, advanced features, and a user interface designed to ignite your senses define this cutting-edge operating system. Stay ahead of the curve and indulge in the ultimate smartphone journey.

Where to Find the Cubot KingKong Star 5G phone?

The Cubot‘s latest rugged phone is available for purchase from the manufacturer’s Aliexpress website. Starting at just $266, this device is embrace unrivaled performance, and capture the extraordinary moments that define your life.

Cubot KingKong Star 5G
Price: $266
Cubot Official Aliexpress Store


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