Chuwi MiniBook X now only $349.99 in the Chuwi Store’s Back to School promotion

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Chuwi’s new laptop, the Chuwi MiniBook X, is now available for only $349.99 in the Chuwi Store Back to School promotion. The pocket-sized laptop with Intel N100 processor, 12 GB of memory, 512 GB SSD and a 10.51-inch display is now available at a very good price.

Chuwi - Back to School promotion - 50% off

Chuwi Store’s Back To School promotion runs until 11 September, during which time you can get your laptop at a discounted price from both the international and European stores.

Chuwi MiniBook X laptop
Price: $349.99
Chuwi’s global store

Chuwi MiniBook X laptop
Price: €349.99
Chuwi’s EU store

Chuwi MiniBook X: Redefining Portability and Performance

The Chuwi MiniBook X emerges as a powerful symbol of versatility, seamlessly combining cutting-edge design with unmatched performance. This compact device is more than just a laptop; it’s a transformative tool that adapts to your needs, whether you’re working, watching, or sharing content.

Chuwi MiniBook X

360° of Versatility, Small, Portable and Powerful laptop

The MiniBook X redefines adaptability, allowing you to fold it freely to suit your desired position. Use it as a tablet for casual browsing or entertainment, employ tent mode for binge-watching your favorite series, or lay it flat on a table to share content with friends or colleagues. This 360° flexibility ensures that your device effortlessly adapts to your unique requirements.

With its 10.51-inch compact form factor, the MiniBook X boasts a full-screen design that’s 20% smaller than similarly sized notebooks. This sleek profile ensures easy portability, slipping seamlessly into your bag for on-the-go productivity. Its business-ready capabilities make it a laptop replacement that enhances office efficiency no matter where you are. At a mere 11mm thin and weighing just 920g, it’s the epitome of easy storage and unparalleled convenience.

Stunning Visuals on a Narrow Bezel Screen on the Chuwi MiniBook X laptop

The 10.51-inch high-definition screen of the MiniBook X offers FHD resolution and an ultra-narrow bezel design, delivering breathtaking visuals that captivate the eye. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or crafting presentations, the seamless display creates an immersive viewing experience that’s second to none.

Chuwi MiniBook X -  10.51 inch screen

The notebook takes versatility to new heights with its 360° folding YOGA mode. Seamlessly switch between laptop and tablet configurations, enabling you to tailor your device to different tasks and environments. This dynamic feature empowers you to work, play, and create with utmost flexibility.

At the heart of the MiniBook X lies the latest Intel Alder Lake-N100 processor, crafted with a 10nm process that balances high performance with low power consumption. With four cores and four threads powered by the new Tremont micro-architecture, this processor operates at a 10W thermal design, making it ideal for a range of tasks – from video conferencing to content editing.

Chuwi MiniBook X - Inten N100

The laptop features an active cooling system equipped with a large fan. It delivers high-volume side air blow and intelligent speed control. The fan operates according to temperature, ensuring efficient cooling and energy-saving power management. This innovative cooling design ensures both optimal performance and a quiet environment.

Boasting 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and a generous 512GB Nvme SSD, the MiniBook X combines substantial storage space with fast read/write speeds. With a boot-up time of just 8 seconds and instantaneous application loading, this laptop guarantees enhanced office efficiency that aligns with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Elegance in Aerospace Aluminum Alloy

The laptop’s unibody integrated body design showcases the elegance of 6-series aerospace aluminum alloy A/D sides. The high-density injection C shell, precision ceramic sandblasting process, and anodized casting super protective layer combine to create a body that’s not only sturdy but also incredibly smooth. Over 28 manufacturing processes contribute to the laptop’s lightweight yet durable structure.

Unibody Design

The MiniBook X’s full-size keyboard is optimized for natural typing comfort and efficiency. Its 3mm narrow bezels and standard laptop-sized keycaps provide familiarity, while the large glass touch panel supports multiple gesture operations, further enhancing productivity.

Equipped with a full-featured Type-C port, the MiniBook X facilitates easy expansion with external devices. Screen expansion, audio transmission, and network connectivity become effortless, enriching your device’s capabilities. The laptop supports 45W PD fast charging, with lithium-polymer battery that powers all-day use with just an hour’s charge.

Chuwi MiniBook X - Windows 11 OSD

Running on Windows 11 OS, the MiniBook X introduces a redesigned UI design, touch interaction enhancements. Native Android support is available, where you can run games and apps. This operating system seamlessly complements the laptop’s capabilities, enhancing your overall experience.

Where to Purchase Chuwi MiniBook X laptop?

As the Back to School season approaches, Chuwi presents an opportunity to own the MiniBook X at a remarkable price. Until September 11th, the pocket-sized laptop is available for the discounted rate of just $349.99 (global) / €349.99 (EU). This is your chance to experience the power of technology that adapts to you, enabling productivity wherever you go.

You can order both the global and EU versions from the Chuwi store:

Chuwi MiniBook X laptop
Price: $349.99
Chuwi’s global store

Chuwi MiniBook X laptop
Price: €349.99
Chuwi’s EU store


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