OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W portable power station with solar panel from 899 euros

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If you’re seeking a powerful and portable power solution for your home, look no further than the OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate Power Station.

This exceptional device is available in three enticing configurations on the GeekBuying website, each accompanied by a special coupon code that allows you to secure this cutting-edge technology at an even more affordable price. Let’s dive into these configurations and the savings they offer.

Unleashing Power Anywhere: OUKITEL’s Cutting-Edge Portable Energy Solutions

In a world fueled by constant connectivity and electrification, having a reliable and portable power source has become paramount. OUKITEL, a leading name in innovative energy solutions, has introduced a remarkable range of products designed to redefine how we harness and utilize power, both indoors and outdoors.


At the forefront of their lineup is the 2000W AC pure sine wave inverter generator and the OUKITEL PV200 solar panel – a duo poised to revolutionize how we access and utilize power on the go.

Powering Possibilities: 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator

The 2000W AC pure sine wave inverter generator stands as a testament to OUKITEL‘s commitment to delivering exceptional power solutions. With a surge capacity of 4000W, this generator empowers users to run an array of household appliances and heavy-duty tools seamlessly. Whether it’s powering a microwave, air conditioner, electric drill, or even a hairdryer, this generator proves its mettle in every scenario. Its pure sine wave output guarantees stable and clean power, ensuring the safety of your devices and appliances.

OUKITEL P2001 - 2000 W

Accompanying the generator is the 2000Wh LiFePo4 battery, a remarkable feat of energy storage technology. With the capability to endure 3500+ life cycles, this battery offers an astonishing level of longevity. Its practicality shines through as it charges a Macbook Air up to 36 times, or provides power for microwaves, refrigerators, hairdryers, and more, for hours on end. The LiFePo4 battery’s robust performance makes it a reliable companion for a diverse range of applications.

Versatile Charging: A World of Connectivity

The OUKITEL power station’s versatility comes to life through its multitude of charging options. With 3 AC outputs, 2 PD-100W Type-C ports, 2 QC3.0-18W USB ports, and more. It can simultaneously power up to 13 devices with seamless efficiency. Whether you need to charge household appliances, electronic devices, phones, laptops, or even car-powered tools, this power station has got you covered.

Pairing perfectly with the OUKITEL power station is the PV200 solar panel, an engineering marvel in harnessing solar energy. With high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells boasting an impressive 21.7% conversion efficiency. This panel maximizes solar power conversion even in limited space. Its ETFE-laminated case ensures durability and extends the panel’s lifespan, while its IP65 water-resistant design guards against splashes.

OUKITEL P2001 + Solar Panels

The OUKITEL power station and PV200 solar panel duo redefine energy accessibility, making them the perfect companions for outdoor adventures, camping, emergencies, and more. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness, exploring in an RV, or facing unexpected power outages, this portable power solution ensures you stay connected and powered up.

The Future of Portable Power is Here: Oukitel P2001 Ultimate Power Station

OUKITEL’s dedication to innovation and sustainability shines through their groundbreaking energy solutions. With the 2000W AC pure sine wave inverter generator and the PV200 solar panel, the possibilities of off-grid power become boundless. These products not only redefine how we access energy but also contribute to a more connected, efficient, and sustainable world.

Where can I buy Oukitel P2001 Ultimate Power Station?

The first configuration presents the core powerhouse itself – the OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station. With its robust capabilities, this power station stands ready to provide you with a reliable and versatile energy source. By utilizing the provided coupon code, you can acquire this powerhouse for an enticing price of €899, offering you a considerable discount from its original €929 price tag.

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station
Price: €899
Coupont: 726SWJ3A

For those who wish to harness the energy of the sun, the second configuration combines the OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station with the OUKITEL PV200 200W Foldable Solar Panel. This synergy empowers you to tap into clean, renewable energy while benefiting from the convenience of a portable power station. By applying the provided coupon code, you can seize this exceptional combination for just €1199, a compelling reduction from the original price of €1169.

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station + PV200 Solar Panel
Price: €1169
Coupont: 7QZV9PAN

Station paired with not one, but two OUKITEL PV200 200W Foldable Solar Panels. This setup grants you unparalleled power generation potential, ensuring you’re covered in various scenarios. You can get this solution for just €1499, a significant discount from the original price of €1449.

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station + 2 x PV200 Solar Panel
Price: €1449
Coupont: 7QZVD4QC


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