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Get the Bezior M3 electric bike now for just €899. Designed for everyday use, this bike has excellent features: 500W brushless motor, ultra-light aluminium frame, 7-speed Shimano gears, mechanical disc brake, removable battery.

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Bezior M3 Electric Bike
Price: €899
Coupon code: 7VOYCUZC

The Bezior M3 Electric Bike – 500 Watt Brushless Motor

The Bezior M3 electric bike is powered by a 500-watt brushless motor. This type of motor provides rapid power output and can amplify the torque generated by the motor. The motor’s design improves the efficiency of converting energy, which results in reduced energy consumption. This energy efficiency is seen in the bike’s silent operation and increased cruising range. Additionally, the motor enhances the bike’s speed performance and climbing ability.

The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame designed with a low crossbar. This design makes it easy to get on and off the bike, providing convenient boarding and alighting. The frame’s appearance is simple and stylish, making it suitable for urban commuting and comfortable everyday travel.

The electric bike is equipped with a hidden 10.4 Ah lithium battery (48V) that is integrated into the bike frame. This battery is waterproof and dustproof, ensuring durability and protection from the elements. The battery can be quickly removed for charging, whether you’re at home or in the office. With a fast charging time of 5-6 hours, the bike can achieve a power-assisted mileage of up to 60 kilometers.

The battery is designed to be easily removable for convenient charging at home or any other location. It remains completely hidden within the frame, maintaining the bike’s aesthetics and protecting the battery from the environment. The fast charging time of 5-6 hours ensures minimal downtime between rides.

Shimano 7 Speed Gear System

The Bezier M3 features a Shimano 7-speed gear system. This means that you can shift to a higher gear for uphill riding, which provides more power, and downshift to a lower gear for higher speeds. This gear system, when combined with the pedal-assist feature, allows you to adjust the bike’s speed to match the terrain and your preferences, ensuring a comfortable journey.

The Bezier M3 is equipped with 26*2.1-inch tires, which provide a comfortable and stable ride experience on various types of roads. These tires have anti-skid and anti-vibration functions, contributing to a smoother ride. The larger size of the tires also allows for better traction and less effort while riding.

The electric bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes. These brakes offer strong braking force, which is especially important for long-distance riding. They provide the ability for instant lock-up when needed. Mechanical disc brakes are durable, less prone to damage, and perform well in various environmental conditions.

The front fork suspension system is designed to reduce disruptions caused by uneven road surfaces. It improves ride comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations from various road conditions, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience.

The bike comes with a sturdy rear rack that adds utility to the bike. This rack is stable and reliable, allowing you to easily carry cargo. It has a maximum load capacity of up to 25 kilograms, making it suitable for transporting items during your rides.

Leightweight aluminium frame with a low crossbar design for free boarding and alighting.

6 reason to choose Bezior M3 Electric Bike

  1. 500 W motor
  2. Shock front forks
  3. Lithium Battery
  4. Shimano 7 Speed transmission
  5. Low Cross Bar Frame
  6. Dual Front and read disc Brakes

Where can I buy Bezior M3 Electric Bike?

Bezior M3 Electric Bike is now available at a great price from GeekBuying. The price of this great electric bike, with coupon code, is only 899 euros.

You can get the special offer here:

Bezior M3 Electric Bike
Price: €899
Coupon code: 7VOYCUZC


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