Tronsmart Bang Max – 130 W portable party speaker now available for just €170.88

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For just €170.88, you can get Tronsmart’s best, most powerful Bluetooth party speaker, the 130W, 3-way Tronsmart Bang Max.
If you order now, you can save nearly €60 in GeekBuying’s promotion. Plus, your order will also include a free 10 Watt Tronsmart Trip portable Bluetooth speaker worth €20.

Ultimate Outdoor Party Speaker

Highly capable and low-priced for its class, the Tronsmart Bang Max party speaker is now on sale for €179.99. With coupon you can get it for €170.88. That’s a much better price than any other similar device on the market.

Coupon code: GKB23BTS1

You can order the Bang Max speaker from stock in Poland here:

Tronsmart Bang Max party speaker
Coupon: GKB23BTS1
EU – Promotional price: €170.88
Gift: Tronsmart Trip speaker

Tronsmart Bang Max – It’s worth the price

Tronsmart is one of the most popular Chinese manufacturers on the market.We’ve written about their products many times on our site and had the chance to test some of them in more detail.

Tronsmart Bang Max

The Tronsmart Bang Max also stands out among Bluetooth speakers in terms of size. Weighing in at nearly 6 kilograms, the speaker is 47 cm long, 26 cm high and about 20 cm deep. The exterior has a clean, sophisticated look, but that’s not surprising – Tronsmart has taken care of that before.

Despite its size, the speaker is easy to carry thanks to the rubberised handle on top. The Bang Max is a party speaker in terms of functionality, so it has been given an IPX6 (splash-proof) rating for safety.

3-way party system with 130 W output power

Tronsmart’s latest product delivers outstanding performance, with official specifications showing the speaker’s output power of 130W, which is outstanding. You can currently get similar performance (and looks) from well-known manufacturer JBL on the market (e.g. Boombox series), but they cost nearly two to three times more.

Tronsmart Bang Max - 3 Way Party Speaker

The three-way sound system has a total of six speakers: a pair of tweeters (10W), a pair of midrange speakers (20W) and a pair of woofers (35W), which together push out 130W of sound. The party speaker alone cannot produce stereo sound, but this is not a problem when ordering two or more products. Thanks to True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and TuneConn (TC) technology, you can connect two or, in more extreme cases, more than 100 Bang Box wireless speakers.

Tronsmart Bang Max - TWS and TC

All-day operation for hassle-free listening

The Tronsmart Bang Max has a battery capacity of 18 000 mAh, which is not small at all. You can enjoy your favourite music for up to 24 hours (at 50% volume) on a single charge. This battery life is nearly halved in Karaoke mode.

Of course, charging time is not short for such a large device, taking about 5 hours. Charging is only possible via a wall socket, the USB charging that is common with smaller speakers is not available here.

The must-have LED illumination is located on the edges of the speaker and can be used in three modes: Carausel, Deep Breath, Fashion Party. Of course, you can also switch the lights off, which gives you a huge boost in uptime.

Tronsmart Bang Max - light up the party

The new model now communicates with devices using Bluetooth 5.3, which requires much less power and is much faster than previous Bluetooth versions.

In addition to wireless music, there are also plenty of wired input connectors. On the back, you’ll find an aux-in input, a USB port, a MicroSD card reader and two 6.3 mm jack sockets. The latter two inputs can be used to connect a microphone and a guitar (or microphone). You can tick off the karaoke function and with guitar in your hand and host your own little performance for friends and family.

Where can I buy the Tronsmart Bang Max party speaker?

The Tronsmart Bang Max is available to order from today on GeekBuying’s promotional page. It will also be available from Aliexpress and Amazon from 5 September.

The party speaker with its excellent capabilities is now priced at just €179.99 in an introductory promotion. With coupon you can buy it for only €170.88. For the price, and considering its capabilities, Tronsmart’s latest and loudest speaker deserves a recommended product.

You can access the offer here:

Tronsmart Bang Max party speaker
Coupon: GKB23BTS1
EU – Promotional price: €170.88
Gift: Tronsmart Trip speaker


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