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Another rugged tablet has been added to the tablet market this month. You can now get the FOSSiBOT DT1 4G tablet in a promotional offer from GeekBuying’s European stock.


FOSSiBOT is known mainly for its solar panels and their batteries. Recently, however, it has been trying out new products, with the release of its first rugged phone, the FOSSiBOT F101, at the beginning of the year.

In mid-August, the company announced two new products: the FOSSiBOT F102, a more rugged mobile phone with a much more advanced feature set, and the FOSSiBOT DT1 tablet, which is the company’s first rugged tablet.

Promotional price

You can order the 10.4-inch tablet with 2K (1200×2000 pixels) resolution from GeekBuying’s European stock on a promotional offer. The price is $197.22, which you can reduce by using the coupon code 7QDBOQMS. This brings the final price to $191.71.

What’s more, you can get an even better deal by using the GeekBuying universal coupon code GKB23BTS1 for the current “Back to School” promotion running on the web store. The coupon code gives you an 8% (max $10) discount on any product in the store.

The final price for the FOSSiBOT DT1 is $187.22, nearly $100 cheaper than the Oukitel RT7 Titan, which was featured on our site earlier this week. True, Oukitel’s tablet has a bit more serious specs.

You can access the promotional page and the product via the links below:

FOSSiBOT DT1 promotional page

Buy FOSSiBOT DT1 now
Price: $187.22
Coupon code: GKB23BTS1

FOSSiBOT DT1 preview

The company’s first tablet looks like a quality piece at first glance. The 10.4-inch display fills almost the entire front panel (94%), which is rare for a water, dust and shock resistant device. The manufacturer has specified an overall brightness of 400 nits, which is not a high value these days, but we expect it to be fine for outdoor use.

FOSSiBOT DT1 - display

Under the back is an 8-core MediaTek MT8788 processor, which if not the most urgent system chip (4xCortex A73 and 4xCortex A53), should be enough for most everyday tasks. Don’t play serious games on this machine though, the ARM Mali G72 MP3 graphics unit won’t be enough. But it’s likely that whoever buys such a tablet will not use it for gaming.

Plenty of memory and storage

The system has 8GB of LPDDR4 memory, which can be expanded with a further 8GB of virtual memory. Nowadays, in promotional images, manufacturers tend to show the larger, more sonorous number (16 GB in this case). This is a bit deceptive, as the virtual memory is much slower, as it is saved on a part of the backing disk by the operating system.

FOSSiBOT DT1 - MediaTek MT8788

There’s 256 GB of storage space, which is likely to be enough for the lifetime of the tablet. Expansion is of course available, in the form of a MicroSD card, up to 1TB.

48 megapixel PDAF rear camera for great photos

On the back of the FOSSiBOT DT1 tablet is a 48 MP camera with a Samsung (S5KGM2SP03) sensor (PDAF support) with real dual flash.

FOSSiBOT DT1 - 48MP PDAF camera

The choice of camera is definitely a good one, so these products are finally getting to the point where you can take decent photos with them. The front panel also has a Samsung sensor (S5K3PS3SP) with a resolution of 16 megapixels.

Long battery life is ensured by the large 11 000mAh battery, which supports 18W fast charging and can also be used as an external battery.

FOSSiBOT DT1 - Long lasting Battery

Tough Body For Outdoors

The DT1 tablet is designed to take a lot of punishment, so it will work in temperatures as hot as 70 degrees Celsius or as cold as -40 degrees. It has the IP ratings you expect from a rugged phone, including IP68, IP69K and MIL-SDT-810H.

FOSSiBOT DT1 - tough body for outdoors

The tablet can even be used as a mobile phone, as it supports the most popular 4G mobile networks. The SIM tray can accommodate up to two nano SIMs. It’s important to note that one of these can be a MicroSD card slot, so you’ll have to give up one of the SIM slots if you want to expand storage.

In terms of wireless networking, Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wifi (2.4/5Ghz), navigation with GPS, Glonass and Galileo support are available, but no NFC. Other features include 2W speakers in the four corners of the device and Android 13, available in 48 languages.

Where to buy FOSSiBOT DT1?

The original price of the FOSSiBOT DT1 rugged tablet is $438.99, which is of course highly questionable. It’s unlikely to ever go down to that price, as no one would buy it for that amount. However, as an introductory coupon promotion, ordering from a European warehouse will certainly attract a lot of interest.

Using the coupon code 7QDBOQMS or GKB23BTS1, you can reduce the total bill to around $187. This price is the final price, as delivery to EU countries is free of charge and there are no other additional costs.

If you are interested in the tablet, you can buy it here:

Price: $187.22
Coupon code: GKB23BTS1 or 7QDBOQMS

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