World premiere – Buy for $299.99 the Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G tablet

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At the end of August, Oukitel will launch its latest tablet, the Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G. The tablet is special in several ways: a huge 32,000 mAh battery, 5G modem, night vision camera and durability.

Oukitel RT7 Titan -  299.99 USD Presale

Oukitel, known primarily for its rugged phones, launched its first tablet, the Oukitel RT1, at the end of 2021. The new product line has proved popular with users, with sales of the sixth product starting in the last week of the month. The product will have a launch price of $299.99, starting from 21 August 2023 on the manufacturer’s official Aliexpress site.

The manufacturer has tried to pack a lot of things into the new tablet. Even if we only look at the main parameters, it would take a long time to list them all. But let’s look at them in order.

Huge battery

The most impressive feature of the tablet is the 32 000 mAh battery. This makes the Oukitel RT7 the tablet with the largest battery on the market.

With the huge battery, the manufacturer claims a standby time of 2720 hours, which is equivalent to about 113 days. Of course, this number is just a curiosity, as no one will keep the machine on their desk for nearly 4 months.

Oukitel RT7 Titan - Longest Battery Life

In use, the device still delivers very good results in terms of uptime. The phone is rated at 220 hours for calls, 35 hours for video, and 34 hours for navigation, which is certainly outstanding.

The sizeable battery also needs to be charged once, for which the manufacturer offers a 33W fast charging solution. But even so, it still takes nearly 6 hours to fully charge the battery.

Very bright display

On a day trip or when you’re working outdoors, it’s important that your tablet’s screen is easy to read. That’s why the manufacturer has designed a 10.1-inch FullHD+ display with a brightness of almost 400Nit. Thanks to this, you shouldn’t have any problems with display readability even in bright sunlight.

Above the display is a highly sensitive touch sensor. Thanks to this, it can be used with dirty hands or gloves.

Durability first

The Oukitel RT (Rugged Tablet) series puts durability first. This means that the tablets are water, mud and dust resistant, and drop-proof up to a certain height. The tablet is IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810H rated.

Oukitel RT7 Titan - 5G Modem

The tablet can accept two nano SIM cards. It is important to note that one of the SIM card slots is also a MicroSD card slot, so only one SIM can be inserted in case of memory expansion.

Triple cameras on the back

The triple cameras on the back of a tablet are an unusual sight. The primary camera is a 48 MP module that finally allows you to take high-quality photos. Fortunately, this is not unique, as the Blackview Active 8 Pro previously had a similar main camera, which can take surprisingly good pictures.

A special night vision unit with a resolution of 20 megapixels has been added to the main camera. It can even take photos in total darkness. In addition to the two modules, there’s also a 2 megapixel macro camera for super close-ups.

Where to buy Oukitel RT7 Titan?

The Oukitel RT7 Titan is not a simple tablet, but despite this, the starting price is very friendly. Until 21-28 August, the tablet is available on the manufacturer’s official Aliexpress site for $299.99. It is important to note that customs costs are added to this amount.

You can order the product here:

Oukitel’s Aliexpress Webshop

Finally, a video of the product in use:

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