KAIWEETS Apollo 7 infrared thermometer cheaper with coupon

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You can buy the KAIWEETS Apollo 7 infrared digital thermometer from the European stock of the GearBerry.

KAIWEETS Apollo 7 infrared thermometer

It is a good idea to have an infrared digital thermometer in every toolmaker’s kit. With the small, handy KAIWEETS Apollo 7, you can measure the temperature of various objects in seconds.

It’s currently on sale for $23.99 in the GearBerry store’s EU warehouse. But you can use the coupon code GB10% to get the price down by 10 percent for a total of $21.59.

You can find the offer here:

Price: $21.59

The KAIWEETS Apollo 7 infrared digital thermometer measures the temperature of a variety of objects. The accuracy is ±2 percent (or ±2 °C). It takes just half a second to measure. Due to the nature of its use, the device is not suitable for taking temperatures.

KAIWEETS Apollo 7 - high precision sensor and laser guidance

The digital thermometer can be used for heating pipes, electrical appliances, cooking surfaces, heat chambers, refrigerators, air conditioners, automotive components, mechanical engineering or even for detecting thermal bridges in houses and apartments. It is particularly useful in places where temperatures are too low or too high to be measured.

High precision sensor and laser guidance

The LCD display of the Apollo 7 is backlit for easy reading. With the thermometer, you can get readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius, with a single button for switching between the two.

The product can measure surface temperatures in the range -50°C to +550°C (-58°F to 1022°F) and is used to compare these with a previously measured temperature. The surface temperature of several different objects can be measured in succession and compared. A laser pointing device with a multi-point laser circle can be used exclusively for temperature measurement to mark a measurement surface on the object to be measured.

KAIWEETS Apollo 7 non contact design

Easy measurement

The thermal measurement is performed as follows: the infrared sensor captures and measures the infrared radiation emitted by the surface to be measured. The product calculates the temperature of the surface from this infrared radiation. To visualise the localisation of the infrared radiation received by the infrared sensor, the product is equipped with a laser spotter with a multi-point laser circle, which shows the centre of the surface to be measured.


When measuring, it is advisable to ensure that the surface area of the target is significantly larger than the measuring surface. Otherwise the measurement will not be possible or will be inaccurate. You should try to examine the object as closely as possible to obtain a more accurate result.
Transparent objects cannot be measured, so do not measure through glass or plastic.

The instrument is able to show the difference between the previously measured temperature and the currently measured temperature. It is also possible to set the temperature differences to which the product should react and indicate.

Where to buy KAIWEETS Apollo 7?

The KAIWEETS Apollo 7 digital thermometer is available for $21.59 from the GearBerry store’s EU stock. Enter coupon code GB10% during checkout.

You can find the promotion and the product here:

>> KAIWEETS Apollo 7 <<
Price: $21.59

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