Get UNI-T popular thermal imaging cameras at a promotional price at Banggood

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Get the various UNI-T infrared thermal imaging cameras at discount prices from Banggood. With the help of thermal imaging cameras, you can easily detect possible insulation problems in your house or apartment, which can be corrected to significantly reduce your heating costs.

Many of you may have wondered whether your homes are properly insulated. An excellent way to find out is to use an infrared thermal imaging camera to detect temperature differences on the surface of the house or flat. Once the problems have been found, we can make our homes more comfortable and energy efficient by repairing any thermal bridges.

UNI-T UTi690A thermal camera

The UNI-T UTi690A infrared camera is one of the most affordable thermal imaging cameras from the manufacturer and is now available at a special price.

UNI-T UTi-690A

The model with 120×90 infrared sensor can be an excellent tool for inspecting heat leakage in buildings. Additional features of the sensor include a 25 Hz update rate and a thermal sensitivity of 60 mK. The thermal imager can inspect objects in a temperature range from -20 to +400°C.

UNI-T UTi-690A

Thanks to the above features, the UTi690A has no problem quickly checking the status of windows, heating and solar systems.

The large 2.4-inch TFT-LCD display with 320×240 pixel resolution allows 6 colour palettes to be displayed, so that captured images can be displayed in the highest contrast range available. Captured images can be saved to the included 16GB SD card. The images can later be saved to a computer using the included USB Type-C cable, where they can be further analysed using the appropriate analysis software.

UNI-T UTi-690A

The camera is IP54-rated, which means it is resistant to splashing water and can withstand a fall from a height of two metres.

The device has a 2600mAh built-in battery and can be used for nearly 9 hours on a charge of about 2.5 hours.

The UNI-T UTi690A thermal imaging camera is currently available for $179.99 from Banggood’s warehouse in China or the Czech Republic.

Price: 179.99 USD

UNI-T UTi690B thermal camera

You can also get UNI-T’s more serious product, the UNI-T UTi690B thermal imaging camera, at a special price from Banggood.

The Type B has a much larger infrared sensor with a resolution of 256×192 pixels, which can detect temperatures between -15 and 550°C. In low temperature mode, the device measures between -15 and 150°C, while in high mode it measures between 150°C and 550°C.

UNI-T UTi-690B
The UTi690B is now IP65 rated, making it resistant to water, dust and shock. The 5000 mAh battery provides approximately 6-7 hours of continuous use. Charging and data transfer is via USB Type C connector, similar to Type A. Of course, the device also comes with a 16 GB SD card for storing photos.

UNI-T UTi-690B

What’s different is that the UTi690B now has four display modes: thermal image, normal camera image, mixed image mode (normal thermal) and picture-in-picture mode.

The enlarged 2.8-inch display with 640×480 pixel resolution now displays thermal images in 7 different colour palettes.

UNI-T UTi-690B

The UNI-T UTi-690B thermal imaging camera is available at a special price of $329.99 from Banggood. At this price, you can also add a little extra with the coupon code BG509c5a, bringing the total to $309.99. 

You can access the offer here:

UNI-T UTi-690B Thermal Camera
Price: 309.99 USD
 Coupo: BG509c5a
You can find more thermal imaging camera offers in the Banggood store, which you can access via this link.

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