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Anyone who missed out on last week’s POCO X3 Pro pre-order promotion can make up for it now. In POCO‘s official Aliexpress store, you can now get an excellent mobile phone with a coupon code even cheaper. Plus, you don’t have to wait long for your order, as it’s also available from EU stock.


Last year, POCO, separate from Xiaomi, launched two new successful products this year, one was the POCO X3 Pro, also in the current promotion, and the other was the fastest POCO, the POCO F3. While the latter is available for just over $300 at the moment, the X3 Pro’s $250 price is more targeted at the mid-range.

POCO X3 Pro promotion

In Aliexpress’s official POCO store, you can now get the best mobile phone at the cheapest price so far. You can order the excellent device for 199 euros using the X3PRO20 coupon code in the POCO webshop in Spain.
The first 1000 customers can also use an extra coupon, the code 328FAST25 can be used to reduce the price up to 194 euros.
As the mobile comes from EU stock, delivery is extremely fast and of course VAT and duty free to EU countries.

You can find the promotion on the following page:

BUY POCO X3 PRO – 4/64
Aliexpress – EU Warehouse
Coupon: X3PRO20 – Price: 199 EUR
Limited Coupon: 328FAST25 – Price: 194 EUR

The above action applies to the version with 6 GB of memory and 128 GB of UFS 3.1 storage. The X3PRO20 coupon code is also valid for the 8GB/256GB version, in which case the original webshop price can be reduced by €50, reducing the final price to €249.

The 8GB/256GB version promotion is available here:

BUY POCO X3 PRO – 8/256
Aliexpress – EU Warehouse
Coupon: X3PRO20 – Price: 249 EUR

Anyone thinking about buying should hurry, because the Aliexpress site usually runs out of EU stocks quickly.

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