Haylou RT (LS05S) – Waterproof smartwatch, 1.28 inch display with great battery life

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Haylou Solar, launched early last year, is one of the most popular smartphones to date around $35. Haylou RT, now released, wants to break into similar laurels on Solar’s trampled path, and in terms of price, it has a chance.

Last year’s success product for the Xiaomi sub-brand, Haylou Solar, also known as Haylou LS05, is very popular worldwide, which is no coincidence as it is one of the most sought after smartphones on the pages of popular web stores to date.

The now-released Haylou RT, also known as the Haylou LS05S, and not only resembles the Solar watch in its name, has inherited its main exterior features and characteristics.

Haylou RT (LS05S)

The international (Global) version of the Haylou RT smart watch can currently be ordered from several web stores, it was also discussed in our latest special article. In our current presentation, we would like to highlight the TomTop web store page, where it is currently available for purchase for $ 41.99:

Tomtop – Price: $41.99

Haylou RT (LS05S) – Review

The most important part of the Haylou RT LS05S smartwatch is the 1.28-inch, 240×240-pixel TFT display, which is surrounded by a sophisticatedly designed, youthful frame. The display is touch sensitive, so you can set the functions through it. Regardless, there are two physical buttons on the right side of the clock face. Attached to the frame at the bottom and top is a replaceable 22mm, highly flexible black silicone strap.

Haylou RT (LS05S)

Below the back of the watch is a 275 mAh battery that can be used to operate the new RT smartwatch for up to 20 days. This operating time is available when there is no permanent Bluetooth connection to your phone, or when you turn off constant heart rate measurement, which means that it is practically used as a simple watch.
Turning on the functions does not significantly reduce the operating time either, with constant heart rate measurement and Bluetooth connection, training twice a day for half an hour, the Haylou RT can operate for 15 days on a single charge according to the factory data.

The watch is extremely rugged, so it can withstand not only minor bumps, but also dust and water. Nothing proves this better than the device being IP68 certified. It is important to note, however, that IP68 rating is not enough to use the watch underwater for extended periods of time, so it is not recommended for swimming sports, for example.

Haylou RT supports a total of 12 sports: various runs, walking, cycling, climbing, spinning, yoga, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing.

Haylou Fun App

The watch communicates with your phone or other smart device (Android or iOS) via the latest energy-saving Bluetooth 5.0, and can only keep messages, information, calls, media playback controls, weather forecasts, and various application notifications in sync with a permanent connection. We can download our sports and movement data recorded by the device with the help of the Haylou Fun application.

One of the great advantages of smart watches over traditional dial watches is that everyone can adjust the look of the watch base to their liking. This is no different with Haylou RT, with the Haylou Fun app you can choose from over 100 different exteriors.

With the help of the two types of sensors (acceleration and heart rate monitor) we can record our current heartbeat and steps taken during the day, and we can get additional statistics by selecting the sports modes already mentioned above. In the Solar model, the heart rate monitor was not always accurate, so the manufacturer built a new heart rate sensor into the new model. In addition, the watch is equipped with a sleep monitoring function, and the application even analyzes our sleeps for us.

You can buy the Haylou RT (LS05S) smartwatch for $41.99 in the current promotion of the TomTop online store:

Tomtop – Price: $41.99

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