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This time, we received an affordable, wired headphone courtesy of EKSA, which, once we received it, was put to a quick test. The E900 Pro is a virtual 7.1 headset that can be safely deployed on consoles in addition to desktops.

In the recent period, you have seen several headphone and earphone tests on our site, the primary reason for this is that foreign manufacturers are happy to visit our site with this type of advertising opportunity. Fortunately, among the many unknown companies, there are some that are definitely worth mentioning as they are launching great value products. One very good example of this is the OneOdio earphones, such as the most recently tested OneOdio A30 or the previous OneOdio A70.

EKSA E900 Pro

EKSA in our current test is eerily similar to OneOdio. By browsing their website and comparing the look and content of the package they received, many similarities can be discovered between the two brands. OneOdio primarily provides a variety of headphones for general use, while EKSA does not secretly target Gamer users with its products. Nothing proves this better than the fact that you can choose from 17 different Gaming headsets on their website, while there are only two among the “smooth” headphones.

The EKSA E900 Pro can currently be ordered from several stores, in addition to the official Eksa.net site, you will also find the headphones on offer from Banggood and Aliexpress, also EKSA’s official store. Prices valid at the time of writing:

After reviewing the prices, take a closer look at the EKSA E900 Pro headphones.

EKSA E900 Pro – Virtual 7.1 Surround – Wired Gamer Headphones

The headphones came in a purple box with a picture of the product on the front and more detailed specifications on the back. The sticker in the upper right corner reads “Register for free 24 months extended warranty”, so if you register the product on the site, the two-year warranty is already valid. I would note that there is exactly the same sticker on the box of headphones mentioned earlier.

At the bottom, the manufacturer indicates in large letters that their product can be used on almost any device: PS4, Xbox One S / X, Nintendo Switch, PC. Of course, in addition to these, we can connect to anything that has a 3.5mm jack output.

Next to the box was a gift stand that could comfortably store the headphones. In addition to the usual descriptions, the box contains four accessories:

  • external microphone
  • 3.5 mm cable (180 cm)
  • 3.5 mm jack splitter
  • USB Type-C – USB-A cable (180 cm)

In the description you will find the complete list of features of the EKSA E900 Pro:

  • Model name: E900 Pro
  • Wired operation: 3.5mm / USB (7.1 virtual surround)
  • Wireless operation: No.
  • Impedance: 118 ± 3dB
  • Resistance: 32 Ω
  • Frequency transmission: 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Speaker: 50mm
  • Microphone: with external connection
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42 ± 3dB
  • Microphone size: Ø6.0 * 2.7mm
  • Resistance: 2.2KΩ
  • Power consumption: max 0.5mA

The headphones have a sophisticated look, are black, well padded everywhere, and are especially comfortable when placed on our heads, which is not the case with all products. The left and right speakers are 5 cm in diameter, so our ears fit comfortably into the delicately padded, oval-shaped parts. Everyone has a different shape to fit their head, but the EKSA E900 Pro can be perfect for almost any head type in my opinion. Of the headphones I tested, the shape and size of this came in the most, I didn’t feel uncomfortable even after a long game.

It is a red dot for the manufacturer of the all-aluminum strap frame, so it is almost certain that the device will not break during removal or transport.

Next to the black color, we find a red decorative stripe and a red LED light on each side. The latter, of course, only lights up when you use your device via a USB cable.

On the left unit you will find the various inputs: a USB Type-C and a 3.5mm audio jack and a microphone jack to which you can connect the included noise-canceling microphone. The included jack cable is plugged in and then turned into the socket for a perfect fit. The small padlock pictogram indicates to us where to turn the connector to prevent it from slipping out. Next to the connectors you will find a very useful microphone mute / unmute button and a volume control.

To take advantage of 7.1 virtual surround technology, we will need a headphone installer that can be quickly downloaded from the official site. What is surprising is that the driver is not downloaded from the manufacturer’s own server, clicking on the download link will take us to a Google Drive share. The installer is about 60 MB, includes a Win7 and a Win10 package, no other operating system is supported yet. For security reasons, Windows 10 has asked you twice about the installation, hopefully no malicious code has been hidden in the installer by EKSA experts. In any case, my antivirus did not indicate anything after installation, so I was reassured.

After restarting, I also loaded a small software called EKSA Audio Center, in which we can change some minor settings: there is equalizer, sampling frequency adjuster, environment settings, Xear SingFX, Xear Surround Max.

Xear SingFX is simple to use, with two settings, one to increase or decrease the pitch of the vocals, and the other to highlight or remove the vocals from your favorite songs. Both are good and fun things to do, but I would definitely not use them all the time.

Xear Surround Max allows you to rotate 7.1 virtual speakers around you while the music is playing. I wondered why this was actually useful.

The sound quality in this price range is absolutely fine. The speakers are larger than we’re used to with most gamer headphones, and the EKSA E900 Pro’s 50mm speakers deliver noticeably better sound than their 40mm counterparts. The speakers feature a neodymium magnet that is of better quality and last but not least much lighter than traditional magnets. The audible frequency ranges are well balanced, you can hear every little noise while playing, be it a projectile, a grenade explosion or a pounding car.

The benefits of virtual surround technology can be exploited primarily in FPS games, where an important factor may be where the opponent is coming from. It is important to note that the surround sound is only software, ie the given sound will sound from the two speakers in the same way, but from the mixing of the sounds on both sides we can feel as if different noises are really coming to us from several directions. As I wrote above, in order to achieve perfect surround sound, it is absolutely necessary to install the EKSA program on our computer.

What about listening to music? Among the headphones I have tested so far, EKSA’s ear would definitely come out victorious in the game, but the situation is different in the field of music. Listening to the different styles, I clearly missed the bass and the treble was a bit dull, the vocals less clear. With this use, the headphones cannot really prevail.

The EKSA E900 Pro is an excellent entry-level gamer headset that can be purchased for up to $33. True, there is no RGB lighting and some may lack wireless operation, but at least the user is free from continuous charging. The headphones work great on almost any device: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, tablet, phone and I could list more.


It’s a shame that 7.1 Virtual Surround is only available on a PC, but it also stands out as a sleek, stereo speaker within its price range. By the way, you can safely turn on Windows Sonic on Windows 10, which will also result in surround sound.

The noise-canceling microphone, which surprisingly did particularly well, the quick mute button, and the aluminum strap frame are also highlighted on the product.

If you want to buy cheap headphones for gaming now, and are not so bothered by the lack of RGB LEDs and wireless use, I dare to recommend EKSA’s great little gamer earphones.

If you liked the headphones from the description, you can get it from the following online stores:

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