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In the current market situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a mobile phone, tablet or laptop at a good price. In our current article, we show you how you can buy from Aliexpress quickly, securely from EU Warehouse.

Aliexpress is the world’s largest online store where Chinese companies sell their products around the world. Unfortunately, the prices of consumer electronics products have risen in the recent period so it is still worth looking at the market well.

You can also find plenty of good deals at Banggood, GearBest and GeekBuying, but unfortunately better deals can only be ordered from a warehouse in Hong Kong or China. Fortunately, however, EU Priority Line delivery is available at most stores, making European delivery safe and low-cost. In this case, the webshop first delivers its product to a European country, then after customs clearance it is forwarded as an EU package. However, we have to wait at least 2-4 weeks for the products that are available at the best price to arrive.

EU stock

If you are impatient and do not want to wait more weeks for your order, it is worth looking through the EU stocks of each store. It is not new to the readers of our site that the stores already mentioned above have EU stock products, which cost a little more, but usually arrive within a week.

Previously, intra-EU delivery was not available on Aliexpress, but due to the developed market situation and increased European interest, there are more and more companies with intra-European stocks on the site. These products are most often shipped from Spain, Poland or France. In most cases, delivery does not take a week.

You can see which product is covered by EU warehousing in the product photo. On the product page, you can see at the place of delivery that in addition to China, the Polish or Spanish delivery method is also available:

The shipping cost is cheaper for a warehouse in Poland, for example, it is only $2 for a phone, while for a Spanish warehouse it is about $5.

Search Aliexpress EU stock products

You may think that it is not very exciting to look at different products one by one to see where EU warehousing is available. Fortunately, Aliexpress’s search engine included last year, “Ships From,” meaning a delivery location filter. However, if the site is not set to ship to a larger EU country, the search engine will primarily list products in stock in China. To see EU products in stock, we need to use a little trick:

Set the delivery settings at the top of the page from our own country to Germany. The language should be changed from German to English, and anyone who is bothered by the euro price can switch back to USD.

Once you have saved the settings, you will be able to select European warehouses. When transporting, make sure that the country is your own.

The Xiaomi POCO M3 phone is an excellent lower-middle-end device. Entering the phone into the Aliexpress search engine, switching to Polish delivery, we also get four hits. For the cheapest price of $129, we can order from a warehouse in Poland, the shipping cost is $0.63.

You can find the product here: POCO M3 – $129

You can order the slightly stronger, better-capable POCO X3 mobile phone from Aliexpress, also from a warehouse in Poland, currently for $199.

You can find the Xiaomi POCO X3 Aliexpress promotion here: POCO X3 – $199

AliExpress could already be used to pay with PayPal, making security even more guaranteed. After placing your order, you will receive a tracking code from the package, which you can also track on the site. My last order arrived in 5 days, so I had a weekend in it too.

In addition to the stock products of Banggood, GearBest and GeekBuying Eu, it is also worth paying attention to Aliexpress’s offer, as there are often very good offers, well below domestic prices. Unfortunately, the selection of goods is not very large yet, but considering the trend of the recent period, we can definitely expect growth in the future, which can only be good for us, the customers.


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