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There are plenty of great deals this week in many webshop stores, where you can buy great-value Xiaomi and Huawei earphones and smart watches. For example, Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, Mi Band 3, or Honor Band 4 can provide you with excellent coupon codes

Redmi Airdots TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Last year, Redmi picked up an excellent value-for-money headset with Redmi, a buyer of TWS bluetooth wireless products.

Nowadays, the TWS, or True Wireless Stereo label, is now on more and more wireless earphones. One of the best known is Apple’s Apple AirPods. The TWS technology allows the two tiny ear-fitting units to play stereo recordings simultaneously, in sync, in high quality, without having to connect them with a single wire.

The small ear-fitting units include the battery, the manufacturer also comes with a high-quality holder box that not only stores but also charges. Redmi has three different size plugs for the plug-in headset, so there is probably no problem with insertion.

The headsets, despite the batteries in it, are just 4.1 grams, so when listening to music, we don’t even notice that they are in our ears.
Wireless digital audio can be transmitted even with BlueTooth 5.0, as Redmi Airdots supports this. Thanks to the new Bluetotth technology, joining, sticking, and interruption are even more unlikely.

As small as it is, the more surprising is that 40mAh batteries can operate up to 4 hours with a single charge when both headsets are in use. And if you don’t have a power source near you, you don’t have to be in doubt as the charging box is an external battery (300mAh), so you can easily recharge your ears even outdoors.
So you can enjoy your favorite music for a total of 12 hours without having to put AirDots on the power grid.
The ears are one and a half hours, the box is full in about two hours.

The headset is multifunctional, as the button on it allows you to access various phone functions and switch on. For example, one-time presses can answer incoming calls or pause or stop the music while playing music. Using a double-button wakes phone voice assistant, without such instruction can be added to our mobile we may conjure our pockets.

The price of Xiaomi Redmi AirDots with a coupon instead of 45.99 USD is now just 22.99 USD. At such a price, a headset with similar skills is not found so it is definitely recommended in its category.

Coupon code required for purchase: WRMDots

Redmi AirDots can be purchased by clicking on the following link:

Buy – Redmi Airdots Earphones
Coupon: WRMDotsXiaomi Airdots Bluetooth Headset

Xiaomi Airdots Bluetooth Headset

Xiaomi AirDots is practically the predecessor of Redmi’s AirDots, and we’ve written it for the second place, because there is hardly any difference between the old and the new model. There is a minimal difference in the size and weight of the Bluetooth headset released by Xiaomi, which we would probably not notice by hand.

Those who love white are likely to come to Xiaomi AirDots as the full headset is white. The multifunction buttons, which are actually not buttons for this product, are also a touchpad that Apple AirPods uses.

The charging box, charging method, running time, internal, Bluetooth support are all the same as the Redmi AirDots headset discussed above. The strange thing is that while Redmi AirDots is 45.99 USD at a basic price, Xiaomi AirDots is 57.99 USD. Why? It is not known, but the fact that there is no difference other than the physical / touch buttons in use.

On the other hand, this model can be bought at a discount on the coupon. After entering the correct code, Xiaomi AirDots costs 29.79 USD. For those who are interested in white and Apple’s touch control, you can choose this product with great price.

Coupon code required for purchase: WLAirDots

Buy – Xiaomi AirDots Earphones
Coupon: WLAirDots

Xiaomi 1MORE E1026BT-I TWS Earphones

Our third recommendation is a new Xiaomi headset, which even outperforms the above two AirDots, and fortunately we can cut the price of this with a coupon code.

Xiaomi 1More E1026BT-I are available in black and gold, which shows that you want to meet the needs of both manufacturers. In addition to colors available in the web shop are still expected to show that images of green and pink versions, but these are not yet available to buy.

Several exciting innovations have been added to the new model, such as the Quick Charge feature, which allows us to use our units for up to 3 hours with 15 minutes of charge. Additionally, the support includes Qualcomm aptX and AAC HD Bluetooth, which allows us to transfer music to headphones for even better quality. Thanks to aptX codecs, you can listen to your favorite music at a resolution of up to 24 bit / 48 kHZ and a data rate of 576kbps.

Warm and delicate vocal and instrumental music, solid and right place drum, sound to athmosphere charming experienc from ear to ear. This originating from the special 7mm Titanium composite diaphragm moving coil unit, with precision acoustic measurement system, restore the real texture in the melody.

Xiaomi 1More E1026BT-I has an excellent operating time, with a 55mAh battery in the ears for 6 and a half hours of talk or just as much music. It takes 85 minutes for a full charge. These values can be extended for up to 24 hours if the 410mAh charge / storage box is included.

The Xiaomi product in coupon action can now be purchased for 59.99 USD instead of 89.99 USD using the following code: 1MOREBT

Buy – Xiaomi 1MORE E1026BT-I vásárlás
Coupon: 1MOREBT

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