Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE promotions in several webshops

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In many stores, we have great deals on Xiaomi‘s two latest high-end mobile phones, Xiaomi Mi 9 and Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. Promotional stores can now get popular models up to 10-20% cheaper.

Xiaomi Mi 9 was released last month, the mobile phone was already receiving a great deal of interest on the day of release, and the first stocks were caught immediately. This is no wonder, as the current strongest Snapdragon SoC (Snapdragon 855), AMOLED display and 48MP + 16MP + 12MP triple camera system. For more information and exact specifications, please see our Mi 9 datasheet.

If you wanted to buy the Xiaomi top model on the day of the release and then missed it, don’t be discouraged because you can buy it in a special coupon in the next few days.
In addition to Xiaomi Mi 9, we also have coupon codes for the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE with a smaller display.

The phones involved in the action are Global Edition, ie they are internationally released, so the multilingual system and full 4G coverage are available, including the B20 (800MHz) LTE frequency.

These coupon fort the Xiaomi Mi 9 (6GB/64GB) price is only 450 dollars instead of 520 dollar. The EU Priority Line shipping is available on the webshop, which has long been protected from extra costs everyone. For the double storage (128GB) versions is 519.99 dollars.

Coupon code required for purchase:

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 6/64 GB – Global version- 449,99 USD: 4BGM964
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 6/128 GB – Global version – 519,99 USD: 4BGM9128

You can access promotional products via the following link:

Buy – Xiaomi Mi 9 6/64 GB

Buy – Xiaomi Mi 9 6/128 GB

Similar action is available for the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE phone, as well as for another online store promotion. GearVita has only come to our site in the days, and we have already found some great action in their offerings. In addition to most major stores, we also have the option to order EU Priority Line at GearVita.

The Mi 9 SE differs from its larger brother in a few hardware components: the smaller (5.97 inch) full HD + resolution AMOLED display gives its owner the same visual experience as Mi 9, only in smaller sizes. The Snapdragon 712 is a very powerful system chip in the middle class, so if it doesn’t bring the Snapdragon’s 855 level, it won’t be ashamed of games and applications. The Antutu test reached about 180,000 points in user tests.

The rest of the hardware remained, including 6 GB of memory and 64 or 128 GB of storage, and a 48 MP Sony rear camera. The size of the battery is slightly smaller due to the size of the Mi 9 SE: 3070mAh instead of 3300 mAh. Nor can we find wireless charging in this model.

Mi 9 SE is, of course, much cheaper than Mi 9 due to minor changes. Thanks to the GearVita coupon deal, we can still cut a little from the final price.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE 6GB / 64GB international version is now available for coupon purchase for just 310 dollars. For a larger storage space, we have to leave a little more than 373 dollars at the checkout. This version of GeekBuying’s current flash sale is even cheaper to buy, so maybe thats should be ordered from there.

Coupon codes required for purchase:

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE – 6/64GB – Global version – 309,99 USD: WM9SE64
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE – 6/128GB – Global version – 373,99 USD: 128Mi9SE

You can find the actions of GearVita and GeekBuying by clicking on the links below:

Buy – Xiaomi Mi 9 SE – 6/64GB

Buy – Xiaomi Mi 9 SE – 6/128GB

Buy – Xiaomi Mi 9 SE – 6/128GB

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